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Database Browser
Query your Database and edit from Google sheet.
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Database Browser makes Google Sheet an awesome new way of browsing your database. Connect the database, list the tables, query records of table into Google Sheet with an intuitive and vibrant GUI.

This “Database Browser” add-on provides an easy GUI for establishing connection with databases, browsing tables and querying records out to Google Sheet.


►  MySQL

►  Oracle

►  Microsoft SQL Server

►  Google Cloud SQL

►  Google BigQuery

►  mLab - MongoDB

►  Firestore

►  Datastore


►  Manage Connections - Create, test and save connections to databases on the Internet and cloud.

►  Manage Queries - Build, execute, save queries and query results into Google Sheet.

►  Edit - Insert and Update records in database table by adding and changing data from Google sheet (this is a pro feature) 

►  Automatic execution of query in the background and execution history logs

We are on a mission to make it easy to explore databases at the comfort of Google Sheet.


►  User can prepare the connection by providing Database Type, Host IP Address, Database name, Username and Password or other parameters

►  User can provide a name to the connection so that it can be referred in the query

►  User can test whether a connection is successfully established for the given configuration

►  User can list, add, modify, delete connections


►  User can prepare the query by selecting connection, tables, and fields of the table

►  User can prepare the query where clause by visually selecting fields and forming conditions

►  User can provide a name to the query

►  User can execute a query and display/ store results into Google Sheet

►  User can list, add, modify, delete queries


►  User can add a new row in the Google sheet that gets added to database table

►  User can update a row in Google sheet that gets updated in the database table

Basic features of “Database Browser” is always FREE.
Pro features like Edit, Automatic (background) Execution are available as paid features


For more details refer
Contact us at or email for any query or feature request.
A User of Database Browser
April 2, 2019
I absolutely love it, it has been one of the best finds in Google Suite.
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A User of Database Browser
February 1, 2019
Best function and price -- better than all of the other options of Google Scripts and Add-Ons that I've tried for connecting to a MySQL database. And the developers were on it when I made a suggestion and they improved the product in under a day -- great work!
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A User of Database Browser
February 26, 2018
This works really well, and is extremely useful!
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A User of Database Browser
November 29, 2017
This works cool. Since data from database gets displayed in google sheet, it is easy for me to sort data.And the execution of queries are much quicker.Heard about the editing feature hope this would definitely reduce my time. An worthier app to use
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A User of Database Browser
August 23, 2017
I would love to use this application, but it is unverified by Google and has no comments. Anyone given it a try? I cannot click the TRUST option when my entire enterprise is on the line.
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Michaes Subramanian
August 24, 2017
Good news. Google has now verified the application and approved (just received the email). So you should not be seeing the "unverified" banner anymore.
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