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Create customized documents, certificates and reports from data in Google Sheets or Google Forms. Email documents with built-in mail merge, share files in Google Drive.
Create documents from data in Google Sheets and Google Forms responses. Use the built-in Mail Merge tool to email documents, the files are saved in Google Drive and generated documents can be automatically shared with colleagues and clients. You can create documents in Google Drive and Shared Drives.

Use Document Studio to create professional-looking and sophisticated documents including personalized business letters, student test results, customer invoices, event tickets, vendor contracts, purchase orders, sales pitches and any other type of document that you need to generate on a repetitive basis. You’ll never have to copy-paste data again.

If you generating PDF documents from Google Forms, any image files uploaded by the form respondent can be embedded inline in the generated document and it will link to the uploaded file in Google Drive.

The documents can be generated in popular file formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentations, OpenOffice formats, ePUB ebooks, HTML web pages or plain text.

You can also include Google Maps images, QR Code images and PayPal payment links in your generated documents and emails using the built-in spreadsheet functions that become available once you install Document Studio.

You can generate up to 20 documents per day with the free version while premium users can generate 1500+ documents in the 24-hour period. Go to to get the premium version.

Document Studio is built by Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace and 100% compliant with Google API data policies. Certificate can be provided upon request.

## How Document Studio Works

Document Studio allows you to automate the creation and sharing of documents in a few easy steps.

1. Add the source data in a Google Sheet or import from Excel and CSV files. You can also create documents from new Google Forms submissions.

2. Build your templates with markers in Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides.

3. Document studio will quickly generate multiple documents, one per row in the source sheet, replacing the markers in the template with the actual data.

## Bonus Features in Document Studio

Document Studio includes Mail Merge so you can automatically send the generated documents to one or more recipients in personalized emails. The included WYSIWYG email designer helps you create nice looking emails with your own brand logo images.

All your documents are stored in Google Drive and you can personalized the file name as well the folder path where those files are saved. Use built-in sharing options to immediately share the generated documents with customers, team members or anyone else.

Your information is 100% safe in your Google Drive. The Google Documents Add-on does not store, share, or upload any of your data.

## Use Cases for Document Studio

1. Education - Create School Certificates, Student Badges with Google Slides, Student Test Results in Google Sheets.

2. Business - Sales Quotes, Purchase Orders with Google Forms, Project Proposals in Google Docs, Vendor Contracts, Client Invoices, Lease Agreement PDFs, Custom Letters

3. Events - Generate Thank-you Letters, Create Event Tickets with QR Badges and Google Maps, Send Event Invites with Gmail

4. HR Orgs - Employee Appraisals, Employee Requests, Presentation Copies, Policy Documents.

Document Studio (with Google Forms and Google Sheets) is also being used by organizations to visually communicate with employees who are working from home during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

## Document Studio Resources

Getting Started Guide:

Video Tutorials

Document Studio Knowledge base

Product Website

Technical Support:

Privacy Policy:

## Product Updates and Changelog

v20 - Google has deprecated Google Cloud Print.

v19 - Improved concurrency checks when multiple Google Forms are submitted simultaneously, added option to include Response Edit URL in email notifications, moved email editor to Cloudflare CDN, remove HTML tags from subject line.

v17.4 - Merge on Form Submit option restored in the Save section (thanks for the feedback). If a Google Form submission is routed to multiple email recipients and one or more email address is invalid, the notification would still go out to other valid email addresses.

v17.0 - Google Forms Publisher lets you choose one or more Google Forms for which the documents should be generated. Document Studio can now be easily configured to either send emails, or merge documents or do both tasks simultaneously. The merge documents can be sent as file attachments with mail merge.
v101 - Added option to resize images in documents that use Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides as templates.
v100 - Fix for document template markers.
v99 - Resolved issue related to Google File Picker for selecting folders and documents in Google Drive
v98 - Migrated to Chrome V8, makes the add-on faster and better.
v97 - Fix permissions issue with sharing merged documents in Google Drive.
v94 - Security Assessment completed by Google. Scopes updated.
v91 - New Tutorial - How to generate PDF from Google Form responses -
v88 - Automatically skip rows from merging that are hidden in the sheet or filtered. Added support for inline checkout for customers in India.
v87 - Quotation marks and apostrophe issue resolved when different styles are used in the document template and source spreadsheet.
v84 - Improved export engine for saving files in PDF and other formats.
v83 - Bug fix for date issue in Google Forms where the output date in the generated document was off by 1 day for some timezone.
v82 - Added support for Google Team Drives. Now select templates with the File Picker in Team Drives, store merged documents inside Team Drive folders.
v81 - Google Sheets add-ons may have issues when a user is logged into multiple Google accounts in the same browser. This patch resolves the issue by asking the user to switch to the default account.
v78 - Use the preview option to test your settings before running a live document or mail merge. Open sent emails directly from the merge sheet. Merge multiple rows into a single document. Include emoji in email message and subject. Code your own email templates in HTML.
v74 - Added support for embedding inline images uploaded via the File Upload field in Google Forms. Bug fixes.
v70 - You can now include {{placeholders}} inside the Header, Footer and Footnote section of Google Document templates. Bug fixes.
v68: Improved marker detection in Google Slide Templates. Variable markers can now be used inside tables, shapes and groups of shapes or text objects.
v67: Fix for Google Forms to support new lines in Paragraph fields. You can now create document templates with a large number of variable placeholders or {{markers}}
v63: Bug fixes, date and time are now formatted in the Google Spreadsheet timezone
v60: Added support for Gmail Aliases. Mail Merge documents and forms from any of your email accounts that are connected to Gmail.
v59: Documents are regenerated when an existing form response is edited and resubmitted by the respondent. Improved Google Sheet formulae for QRCODE, GOOGLEMAPS and PAYPAL.
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Steven Schilling
May 5, 2021
It was super close to solving my needs and a single response from the developer would have been great as I've sent several requests for support and none have been fulfilled. Complete waste of time and energy and I would strongly suggest that if you need this for anything more than "plug and play" you stay away because there is zero support. If you need a program like this, I suggest using Jahurulislam on Fiverr. He custom built a program that does everything DocumentStudio does (and more) for a flat rate in 8 days (rather than paying per month).
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
May 3, 2021
love it
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
April trombino
April 25, 2021
why doesnt it open????
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
April 24, 2021
Hi, I have been using Document Studio add-on for the past 2 years and it has saved me hundreds of hours of manual work. I have to mark university assignments and then provide highly individualized and custom feedback to 50 plus students twice a semester and I can only do it with Document Studio. I love the functionality of being able to create custom PDF files generated off a word document template and emailed to everyone as a separate email which too can be customized. I am not sure what life will be like without document studio. Thanks to the person who developed Document Studio. Keep developing it and add multi-sheet functionality so that I can run Document Studio over multiple sheets.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Ivan Garcia
April 21, 2021
very helpful tool. lots of usage specially when using it for auto email connected to google form. template works well. plus the support is very responsive. I highly recommend this one!
Is this review helpful?
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Emma Jones
April 17, 2021
it not working for google slides pretty much destroys the add-on.
Is this review helpful?
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Mike Butters
April 15, 2021
The only thing I see in the pull down when Document Studio is selected is "Help"...nothing else. HELP!
Is this review helpful?
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Kristin Bitler
April 7, 2021
I've gone back and forth on reviews here. This is a great product, and pretty much any errors it's had have been on the configuration side of things (i.e., me). However, I recently had a scenario where I added a column above the header on the response sheet, which affected the reports. I placed multiple requests with support but never received a response. After reading that others here were experiencing the same issue, even with enterprise licensing, I canceled our subscription. I received assistance only after emailing the owner of the situation at this created at my place of employment. Customer support is everything and, if Digital Inspiration can get that under control, this will be a great company. Unfortunately, I have to find another solution between now and October, when our subscription runs out, due to lack of response from the support team. I very much like the owner, Amit, and I hope he can get this part of his business organized. I think he'll do very well if that's the case.
Is this review helpful?
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Kayla Borba
April 5, 2021
Yay this is awesome
Is this review helpful?
Profile Pciture
Amit Agarwal
April 5, 2021
Thank you!
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Ashtin Lawson
March 29, 2021
is it any bug as all my sheets are not generating PDF files - Its been tough to manually or after hour create pdfs and send invoices Will some one guide how can this be solved??
Is this review helpful?
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