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Document Studio
Create customized documents from your data in Google Sheets or Google Forms. Email documents with built-in mail merge, share files effortlessly or print with Google Cloud Print.
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Create documents from your spreadsheet data and Google Forms responses in a snap. Use built-in Mail Merge to email documents, files are saved in Google Drive, they can be automatically shared with colleagues or print them via Google Cloud Print. You can create documents in Google Drive and Team Drives.

Use Document Studio to create professional looking and sophisticated documents including personalized business letters, student test results, customer invoices, event tickets, vendor contracts, purchase orders, sales pitches and any other type of document that you need to generate on a repetitive basis. You’ll never have to copy-paste data again.

If you generating PDF documents from Google Forms, any image files uploaded by the form respondent can be embedded inline in the generated document.

The documents can be generated in a range of formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentations, OpenOffice formats, ePUB ebooks, HTML web pages or plain text.

You can also include Google Maps images, QR Code images and PayPal payment links in your generated documents and emails using the built-in spreadsheet functions that become available once you install Document Studio.

You can generate up to 50 documents per day with the free version while premium users can generate 1000+ documents in the 24 period. Go to to get the premium version.

How Document Studio Works

Document Studio allows you to automate the creation and sharing of documents in few easy steps. 

1. Add the source data in a Google Sheet or import from Excel and CSV files. You can also create documents from new Google Forms submissions.

2. Build your templates with markers in Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides.

3. Document studio will quickly generate multiple documents, one per row in the source sheet, replacing the markers in the template with the actual data.

Bonus Features in Document Studio

Document Studio includes Mail Merge so you can automatically send the generated documents to one or more recipients in personalized emails. The included WYSIWYG email designer helps you create nice looking emails with your own brand logo images.

The addon is integrated with Google Cloud Print and the generated documents can be sent to any of your printers as soon as the files are generated.

All your documents are stored in Google Drive and you can personalized the file name as as well the folder path where those files are saved. Use built-in sharing options to immediately share the generated documents with customers, team members or anyone else.

Your information is 100% safe in your Google Drive. The Google Documents Add-on does not store, share, or upload any of your data.

Document Studio Resources

Getting Started Guide:

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Document Studio Knowledgebase

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v97 - Fix permissions issue with sharing merged documents in Google Drive. 
v94 - Security Assessment completed by Google. Scoopes updated.
v91 - New Tutorial - How to generate PDF from Google Form responses -
v88 - Automatically skip rows from merging that are hidden in the sheet or filtered. Added support for inline checkout for customers in India.
v87 - Quotation marks and apostrophe issue resolved when different styles are used in document template and source spreadsheet.
v84 - Improved export engine for saving files in PDF and other formats.  
v83 - Bug fix for date issue in Google Forms where the output date in the generated document was off by 1 day for some timezone.
v82 - Added support for Google Team Drives. Now select templates with the File Picker in Team Drives, store merged documents inside Team Drive folders.
v81 - Google Sheets add-ons may have issues when a user is logged into multiple Google accounts in the same browser. This patch resolves the issue by asking the user to switch to the default account.
v78 - Use the preview option to test your settings before running a live document or mail merge. Open sent emails directly from the merge sheet. Merge multiple rows into a single document. Include emoji in email message and subject. Code your own email templates in HTML.
v74 - Added support for embedding inline images uploaded via the File Upload field in Google Forms. Bug fixes.
v70 - You can now include {{placeholders}} inside the Header, Footer and Footnote section of Google Document templates. Bug fixes.
v68: Improved marker detection in Google Slide Templates. Variable markers can now be used inside tables, shapes and groups of shapes or text objects.
v67: Fix for Google Forms to support new lines in Paragraph fields. You can now create create document templates with large number of variable placeholders or {{markers}}
v63: Bug fixes, date and time are now formatted in the Google Spreadsheet timezone
v60: Added support for Gmail Aliases. Mail Merge documents and forms from any of your email accounts that are connected to Gmail.
v59: Documents are regenerated when an existing form response is edited and resubmitted by the respondent. Improved Google Sheet formulae for QRCODE, GOOGLEMAPS and PAYPAL.
A User of Document Studio
February 13, 2020
Very useful add on, but gets confused when more people are submitting it at the same time, sending the wrong email with the wrong doc attached.
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A User of Document Studio
February 10, 2020
Excelent add-on for productivity. Really helped us.
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Jess Tinawin
February 5, 2020
Excellent for productivity.
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A User of Document Studio
January 29, 2020
Really useful as a feedback tool for all my customer. However, sometimes when there are a few customer who fill out the form at the same time, the pdf form will be error and fowarded to the wrong email address. hope developer can fix this bug. thank you
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A User of Document Studio
January 27, 2020
trying to combine and make a single document containing 30 slides - fails (or maybe times-out) every time before the final combined file can be generated
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A User of Document Studio
January 22, 2020
cannot see in my google apps. cannot used it
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A user of Document Studio
February 6, 2020
same here ... says it's installed but i don't see it!
A User of Document Studio
January 19, 2020
Google no longer see the app. I cannot figure out how to use it.
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A User of Document Studio
January 18, 2020
Search result is not showing "Document studio" in my google docs neither I am able to see this in my google docs after installing from here.
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A user of Document Studio
January 27, 2020
Hello, it works with google sheets, G docs is only used to create the template modals. Best,
Pakdi Pormprasong
January 13, 2020
Installed per user request. Hope it work great.
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A User of Document Studio
January 9, 2020
Had some pretty awesome success with this early on, but now my add-on isn't allowing me to send the file document file link via the email editor. I need this to get fixed and I'd be happy to pay for the premium upgrade if I can ensure that it won't have this issue again. The error I'm seeing in this is that my template can't be found even though the template can be found.
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