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Send and sign your documents with DocuSign!
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Get documents signed in minutes with Docusign, Google’s preferred eSignature solution from the Google Apps Marketplace. 
Sign, send, track, and manage documents right from your favorite Google Apps. It’s simple—and free—to get started with DocuSign. 


➤ Unlimited signing: Sign and return as many documents as your heart desires.
➤ Send documents out for other people to sign: Send up to three document for others to sign. 
➤ The staples: This includes basic “sign here” tags & field; the ability to route one document to multiple signers; and mobile app access. 
➤ No expiration: Your free plan does not expire. Use it for free, forever!

Check out our paid subscriptions starting as low as $10/month (when paid annually). We have plans available for every business size. https://www.docusign.com/products-and-pricing

➤ Get it done faster than ever: Easy to use, quick to learn, and a snap to implement. Get documents signed right from Gmail and Google Drive. 
➤ No overnighting, scanning, or waiting:  Save time and money by keeping your entire workflow digital with DocuSign. No pen, paper or hassle required. 
➤ More secure than paper: Documents signed with DocuSign are encrypted and a complete audit trail is maintained. You can even remind, correct and void documents in flight. 
➤ Improve the customer experience: Drive higher net promoter scores by streamlining the signing experience for your partners and customer. Your customers will thank you for making signing easier than ever. 

DocuSign is trusted by more than 85 million users worldwide. More than 225,000 companies use DocuSign to streamline their end-to-end workflow. 

➤ Great app, has saved me numerous trips and money. I get more done with e signatures now! - Patti Brockman, Assist-2-sell
➤ When I think of all the time I have taken to have documents signed before having DocuSign. DocuSign has saved me time and helped my clients as well. Speeds up the process! I highly recommend this! - Marlien Wasserstein, Success Real Estate 
➤ I can sign & return an email attachment in less than 30 seconds without ever leaving Gmail. Hard to beat. Plus, we're another step closer to being a paperless company which is core to our brand identity. I seriously this recommend for all businesses, no matter how big or small. - Desmond Croan, CEO Minty Fresh Digital 
➤ Before we started using DocuSign, it would take over a week for clients to print off, sign, scan, and send back documents. Once we started using DocuSign the whole process was streamlined. We now can start working with a client within an hour of sending a document for signature. It’s been a huge help on the day to day running of my deals and saves my clients time as well. - Same Hufton, Commercial Director, Ricemedia. 

Have questions or comments about DocuSign? We would love to hear from you, so please reach out to google@docusign.com

DocuSign provides a simple and secure way to electronically sign documents and collect signatures from others.  Install the Docusign for Google Drive app today and eliminate the costs, hassle, and lack of security in paper-based transactions. With just a few clicks you can sign and send any document for signature right from Google Drive or Gmail.  No printing, faxing, scanning, or overnighting required. Once you’ve tried DocuSign, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! DocuSign is the most widely used eSignature platform in the world, and is trusted by millions who have DocuSigned in 188 countries. It is used in nearly every industry and department, including finance, legal, human resources, sales, real estate, healthcare, and many others.

*Featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Bloomberg, Forbes, TechCrunch, and more*
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