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This add on can help you answer if a give domain (or domains) is using G Suite.
Simply enter the domain names in Google Sheet column -> Run the Add on --> It will put which domains are using (or not using) G Suite in front of them.

Goldy Arora
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Pablo Savva
January 2, 2020
Would love to know what qualifies a domain as "using G suite" is it MX record? is it SPF records? is it TXT? or is it something else, companies use G suite for different things (some for only mail and some for only drive).
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Goldy Arora
March 12, 2020
Good question Pablo, this tool calls a url to check if a domain has been registered for G Suite or not. It does not look for MX, I thought about it but some customers might be using Inbound gateway so mere MX won't provide accurate results, but I agree, i'll consider looking at MX and providing some sort of confidence threshold.
A user of Domain Checker for G Suite
January 19, 2020
I did mix haven’t started tho
A User of Domain Checker for G Suite
December 11, 2019
worked as advertised!
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Goldy Arora
December 13, 2019
glad you are find it useful to check if the domains are using G Suite.
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