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Drive Links Exporter
Have a lot of files in a Drive folder that you need to export links to for sharing? This is for you!
. Carlin
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Have a lot of files in Drive folders that you need to extract links to for sharing? This is for you!

This free tool allows you to extract the links to all the files (and folders) inside a Drive folder into a Google Spreadsheet. Simply open up the "Extract Drive Links" from the Add-ons menu and select your method of retrieval (via link, or Drive picker).

This product is not affiliated with Google or Google Drive.
Patrick Wirth
April 6, 2017
This tool is wonderful, and very helpful. It would be great to have it update any changes within a folder, adding a row to the sheet if a new file is added.
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A User of Drive Links Exporter
September 26, 2016
thank you very much, help me a lot
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Saurabh Maskara
August 25, 2016
I think google should add it as a main feature .We tried to look hard for something like this. And were so happy to find it.
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Melchor Joseph Del Rosario (IRRI)
September 20, 2015
It would be nice if the script can list the owners of the file in Folder link? and to whom it was shared?
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A user of Drive Links Exporter
March 30, 2017
And set the sharing option
A user of Drive Links Exporter
February 6, 2017
And search in subfolders option will be nice
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