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Drive Permissions Auditor
The auditor scans your Google Drive and shows the current permissions of files or folders owned or shared with a given user. You can also see the names and email addresses of other users have to shared access to your files.
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Google Drive Permissions Auditor scans all the files and folders in your Google Drive and prepares an audit report detailing who has shared access to your file in Google Drive and what level of permissions they have.

You get to know about the file's MIME type, the size of the file (handy if you are running out  of storage space in Drive), the kind of access other users have on your files, the full path of the file in your Google Drive and the list of Google Accounts that have access to your files. You can click the file name in the privacy report to view or open the corresponding file in your Drive.

To get started, go to the Add-ons menu, choose Drive Permissions Auditor and then choose Start Audit. 

The add-on is free but it will only scan the access permissions of ~200 files in your Google Drive. If you would like to audit every single file in the Drive, please upgrade to premium from

The Drive Auditor add-on is an essential security add-on for Google Drive as it will help you know if any important files and documents have been inadvertently shared outside your Google account or your Google Apps domain.

The auditor scans all files but you an use the search operator of the Google Drive API to limit your search to files that meet certain criteria. For instance, the following search query will only scan Google Spreadsheets that are owned by you.

"me" in owners and mimeType = 'application/'

For support, please email the developer at
A User of Drive Permissions Auditor
February 8, 2017
slow, even on a workstation. if it had a GUI for easier command use..then $30..but since this is VERY VERY simple and has few features.. maybe $10 , but no way this is worth $30. This just shows google they have holes in their systems and that people NEED better tools!
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Thomas Manson
February 4, 2017
Very good script, however the price is prohibitive for a script I'll use probably only once. I would have payed 10$ for it, but definitively not 30$, so I won't buy it.
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A User of Drive Permissions Auditor
December 19, 2016
Only have used the 'Try' version, as I have not needed the 'Buy' version, but it did what I needed it to do.
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A User of Drive Permissions Auditor
November 10, 2016
Beautiful and clean layout. Love how it is set up and everything. Super useful and super User Friendly!
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A User of Drive Permissions Auditor
June 16, 2016
Great audit tool. Found more than 15 shared files on my drive which were actually more than a year old.
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Maurice Draggon
June 11, 2016
Really great add on that works exactly as described. I was able to scan thousands of documents and find the permissions associated with every single one.
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