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Drive Uploader
Receive large files from your clients, students, friends... The data are securely saved in your Google Drive. Web visitors just drag&drop files into a web browser. No logins. No limits on filesize. You are notified.
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Drive Uploader is an easy-to-use application which allows anyone to receive large files to the Google Drive™ account, even from persons who don’t have a Google Drive™ account themselves.

How does it work?
Users of Drive Uploader simply send a link to those who need to send them files: customers, suppliers, friends, family, colleagues or business partners. Alternatively, the link can be embedded in a website, Facebook page, blog, etc.. Senders click on the link and simply drag & drop the files to be sent. There is no need for those sending the files to download any software or create any accounts.

Who is Drive Uploader for?
Drive Uploader is for everyone who needs to easily exchange large files, whether from customers, suppliers, colleagues, family or friends! Drive Uploader is an intuitive tool, designed for use on the web by individuals, academics, and business users. It allows to receive all kinds of files, including documents, pictures, video clips or other large quantities of data.

What’s new?
With Drive Uploader you are not bound to a maximum size of the individual files. Drive Uploader allows you to collect an unlimited data volume from business partners, friends, family, colleagues, clients, students etc.. Drive Uploader avoids the problems often encountered when sending large email attachments.

The transfer of files via Drive Uploader is more secure than an email because it uses HTTPS secure servers! Files are saved on your Google Drive™ in a private folder of your choice.

Integration with websites
Drive Uploader provides an easy integration with websites or blogs via embedding. Just copy & paste a prepared code. You can setup your own logo for the Drive Uploader page – so your customers and visitors see your brand. Software developers can use the Drive Uploader as a component.

Is the Drive Uploader available for free?
Each upload link you create on Drive Uploader is completely free of charge for the first 3 days and you can extend the period with just one click. Advanced functionality such as integration is paid.

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Gina Marie
October 29, 2019
As soon as you drop 1 file, it takes you to the next screen to enter your email address. You have to drag/drop them all at once. This is confusing to my customers who are not accustomed to this type of uploader.
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A User of Drive Uploader
October 28, 2019
I can upload multiple files with the uploader. Strangely, any other users cannot select multiple files. Even though the setting is set on 'Multiple Files', other users cannot upload more than one file. Is there a problem with this feature? Please let me know. Im testing the free plan.
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e-Audio Productions
October 5, 2019
Works Great!
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A User of Drive Uploader
July 24, 2019
Error creating form:
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Bighouse Productions
July 8, 2019
It's ok but would be awesome if people could upload folders too!
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A User of Drive Uploader
May 10, 2019
Every time I tried to create an uploader I got an error. Great concept but not if it doesn't work. Tried 4 different times, same error every time.
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A User of Drive Uploader
October 19, 2018
Pretty sweet and seamless. Thanks!
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