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Drive Watcher
DriveWatcher is the solution to get notifications about changes in Google Drive.
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Drive Watcher is the solution to get notifications about important changes in your Google Drive Documents, Google Drive Folders, Team Drives or Google Forms.

You can subscribe to different resources from your Google Drive and receive hourly, daily or weekly notifications from changes on these resources. You can also select which events you would like to watch and even apply some filters to get notifications just from specific files.

Main Features:

- Google Drive Notifications
 - File notifications (changes on the document)
 - Folder notifications (changes on all the documents inside the folder, subfolders not included)
- Google Team Drive Notifications (changes in the complete Team Drive, complete folder structure)
- Google Form Notifications (create rules to notify different users depending on specific fields from a Google Form response. No need to install an Add On)
- Possibility to get notifications by mail and by Google Hangouts Chat
- See all the activity from your subscriptions

Coming Soon:

- Create your own mail templates
- Filters in the activity page?
- Chrome Extension for Google Drive
- SMS? Slack? ...?
- Snooze (weekends, holidays, specific days...)

Use Cases:

- Get and send notifications from Google Drive when:
 - Users upload or delete files in a Google Drive Folder or Team Drive
 - Your files edited
 - Documents are shared with other users or moved from a Google Drive folder or Team Drive

- Get and send notifications in Google Forms when users fill in an specific field with an specific answer
A User of Drive Watcher
October 22, 2019
mver good...
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A user of Drive Watcher
February 23, 2020
Hey how are you? I was just wondering if on a scale of 1-10, how reliable is this app?
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