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DropTask - Visual Task Management
With a truly stunning interface, simplify and bring order to project and task management by creating intuitive Category and Task circles to visually engage with your workload. Using a fast and fluid ‘drag and drop’ approach, DropTask promotes an increase in productivity complimented by outstanding features to improve time management in the workplace.  
Free supporting apps  with complete offline capability are available for Windows & Mac Desktop, iPhone, iPad & Android. 
CBS News - “Droptask is the most unique twist on task management I've ever seen”  
TechCrunch -“For visually-oriented people, this layout can help boost productivity”  
LifeHacker - "DropTask Turns Your Tasks Into an Awesome Venn Diagram of Productivity”  
Free Features Include: 
• An intuitive workspace canvas delivering a big picture visualisation of your project 
• Unlimited Tasks and Categories 
• Offline capability with a seamless sync across platforms 
• Real-time notifications  
• Invite up to 5 colleagues, friends or family members to work on shared tasks in real-time 
• Integration with Outlook 
• See who’s working on what with a single glance 
• Add details such as Assignees, Task Status, and Importance Flags to each task 
• Instant Notifications when a change is made 
• Start Dates and Due Dates for every task  
• Recurring Tasks so you never miss a deadline 
• Project Ownership Transfer 
• Daily Summary Email to review what's overdue and upcoming 
Optional upgrade to DropTask for Business unlocks:  
• Unlimited Projects 
• Unlimited Project Members  
• A customizable Workflow board for an agile/kanban approach to managing a project 
• Built-in Calendar for easy organisation of your schedule 
• Priority support to jump the queue and get priority assistance 
• Assign Tasks to others 
• Unlimited File Attachments  
• Integration with Evernote 
• Integration with Google Drive 
• Integration with Dropbox 
• Integration with Google Calendar 
• Project Permission Settings with full control to set what project members can access and edit  
• Task Dependencies to help define the order in which a series of tasks must be actioned 
• Comments and Direct Messages to keep tasks and conversations together 
• Cover Images for the personalization of each task 
• Unlimited Checklists to divide tasks into smaller actionable steps 
• Multiple Task Reminders for customizable alerts 
• Instantly Copy & Move tasks between projects 
• Email tasks straight into your DropTask workspace 
• Google Calendar integration 
• Project Templates for processes that need quick duplication 
• Exclusive tester program entry to get access to new & exclusive features first 
• VISUALIZE your workload – Vibrant colour palette with visual task indicators.  
• FOCUS your attention – Filter through tasks by Status, Priority or Due Date.  
• ORGANIZE your projects – Access the Group View, List View or Activity View.  
• IMPROVE your efficiency – Descriptions & Deadlines all in one place.  
• COLLABORATE with others – Share tasks, update progress and stay on the same page  
DropTask uses 256-bit SSL encryption technology (as used by most online banking sites). Our databases are hosted securely within the Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform, monitored 24/7 by an on-call team and backed up daily. 
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Chandrashekar Shankar
August 18, 2016
Caveat Emptor: Unethical and Disappointing. We had initially taken an trial annual package for some members of our executive team and in a few months realized that it was not useful. The worst part was not the app (which I am sure may fit other teams) but garnishing tactics of the droptask billing department, which on multiple occasions have refused to see reason. Since Payment defaults to auto renew and there is no prior intimation that renewal is upcoming and these fine folk charged our credit card for the whole upcoming year. To our surprise they would not reverse the charges on the card even though we had "demonstrably" not used this app for nearly an year and now are stuck with having to pay for another year due to an admin oversight which left the credit card active on this app. Update:: 18/Aug/2016 after my rating and feedback here it appears DropTask has disabled access to our data and its app which is technically fully paid for.
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Raúl Olivares
April 20, 2014
He trabajado los últimos meses con droptask y ha resultado ser una app excelente, me ha entregado muy buenos resultados a la hora de gestionar una gran cantidad de tareas en las cuales es necesario involucrarse. La colaboración que se logra con los equipos de trabajo no la he conseguido con otra herramienta. Muy recomendable....
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Ten Tiny Toes Photography
March 29, 2014
This app has been a HUGE life saver for connecting our team together and to know what's going on with our various tasks and projects! highly recommend it!
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Jan Thaysen
March 3, 2014
Great visualization of pending tasks. It's very intuitive, and I especially like the tagging, attachment from Drive, create task from Gmail (would like option to assign people from here, though) and the Tasks and Calendar integrations.
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Nic Young
February 12, 2014
Very intuitive right from the start, a familiar interface for our google apps for business users with integration between calendar and tasks after adding straight out of gmail. Highly recommended. 5 star as soon as duration and gantt style output of same is available !
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Nick Moody
December 11, 2013
Has really helped get a handle on our tasks, share them, and get away from post it notes and excel lists. Constantly adding new features and very responsive to the features requested by the user base!
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Thomas Jodzio
November 22, 2013
Finally found something that pulled me away from GQueues (slow app). As a freelancer with virtual contractors, I have tried EVERY task and project management app and this is by far the best. I tried it skeptically and haphazardly but then after a week realized I was actually fully implemented and being more productive then my old system. Its that intuitive! You dont even need to try. Still needs the ability to copy and paste tasks to other projects and a solid android app...but those are in the works for their PRO version in Jan. So Im here to stay.
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Shaun Robinson
October 31, 2013
Helped eliminate several communication issues for our company.
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Luke Verburgt
October 27, 2013
Really, this is an amazing app. It's so easy, so useful and with Gmail, Google Calendar & Task integration it's all a small business needs. The support has been quick and efficient also. The upcoming Android App will surely make this amazing package the most useful in its class. Well done!
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Tobias Licker
October 8, 2013
Two things to improve: follow ups are restricted to either daily or weekly (or longer), but there are many tasks you don't want to follow up daily, but instead every other day, or every third day. That option would be a huge improvement. The other thing, if you assign a task to someone, it might be due today by 3:00pm. You don't have the option to set it for a specic time, only today or tomorrow (or later). That would also be great to have. In gernal it's a very great tool, we started calling groups "tables" and tasks "plates. makes things easier to understand. This form of tasks are better than lists. Good program! Thanks! Tobias
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