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Dynamic Fields
Dynamic Fields Add-on inserts and updates the values of selection fields in Google Forms. Values of questions of type Multiple-choice, Drop-down, Checkbox and Grid can be updated by different source. A Source can be a column of a Google sheet, a contact group, a Google group oder calendar Events.
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Create in Google Forms dynamic choice boxes. Populate and update values of Google Forms Questions of type Multiple-choice, Drop-down, Checkbox and Multiple-choice-grid from different sources like Google Sheets, Contacts, Calendar, Sites and more.

Supported Languages: English and German

Use Cases:
 - update your questions values with customer/supplier data from google sheets.
 - get all sales Members as contact Persons of a Google Group
 - make calendar Events of the next month in Forms selectable
 - show different Orgunits as responsible department

 - populate and update values of choice boxes in Google Forms with dynamic drop- 
   down, multiple-choice and checkboxes.
 - Connect to different data source for each question, e.g Google Sheet, Sites list,  
   Google Calendar Events, G Suite User directory, Groups and Orgunits, cloud SQL
   database or via webservice to third pary systems like CRM, Workflow etc.
 - don't maintain changing values twice if they are already updated in your sheet,
   contact, group or thir party application.
 - reduce maintaining efforts through Google Forms automation.
 - gain more productivity with google docs throug dynamic forms.

Quick Start:
Choose Question - first go to menu item  "Add-ons --> Dynamic Fields --> Create Mapping" and select a question where you like to create a mapping to insert values dynamically. Please be aware that only questions of type Drop-down, Multiple Choice, Grid, List and Checkbox are displayed for selection. </p>

Create Mapping - after choosing a question you can create a mapping to get values dynamically. First Choose a data source, e.g. a Google Sheet. If you have selected a spreadsheet from your drive storage, you can select the relevant sheet and column of this sheet. To save mapping for the selected question just click the save button.

Update Mapping - Start processing to update values of "Update Mapping". If you are using Plus- or Business-Version you can activate a time based job over menu item "Settings" to update values several times a day automatically. 

for more informations about Dynamic Fields Add-on see: 
January 27, 2017
I have a list with 447 options. It was a huge PITA adding or deleting options before. Dynamic fields now updates them in just a few seconds and I have no fear of typos anymore
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January 7, 2017
Wow, I haven't tried all the options yet but I am amazed! This is what I need for a few of my forms. It would be great if you were able to create a new question where users could submit documents/photos through a Google Form. Keep up the good work!
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March 10, 2017
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