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Easy Accents
This Add-on allows users to easily insert accents for different languages directly from a sidebar in their Google Doc.
Daniel Baker
3,066,170 users
Works with
Easily add accent marks to your Google Docs.
New Features:
Default Language
Custom Lists
Math and Logic Marks

Current Supported Languages:
Ancient Latin - long marks
Pinyin Tones

03-03-2019 - Fixed Māori default.
01-04-2019 - Custom Lists and Math
12-18-2018 - Code cleanup and optimization.
12-11-2018 - License Updates
12-07-2018 - License code update / typo
11-01-2018 - Updated menu code
06-18-2018 - Code cleanup and optimization. 
05-03-2018 - Code cleanup
01-25-2017 - Added Catalan
10-20-2016 - Removed á from French list.
08-24-2016 - Added Sanskrit
05-04-2016 - Fixed Ŭŭ in Esperanto
03-01-2016 - Added Ȳȳ to Ancient Latin - long marks
02-25-2016 - Added Latvian, Lithuanian, added Euro Symbol, added á to French.
09-18-2015 - Updated French: added Ïï Üü
08-29-2015 - Added Hawaiian.
06-16-2015 - Added Serbo-Croatian.
06-4-2015 - Redesigned UI in order to be compatible with more screen resolutions and browsers.
06-2-2015 - Added menu to sidebar to help with options from add-on menu being cut off, fixed Û in Esperanto.
05-15-2015 - Remove unneeded permission, Code clean-up
04-29-2015 - Added Afrikaans
04-14-2015 - Added Pinyin Tones
03-25-2015 - Added Polish, and fixed some UI issues introduced with iFrame.
03-20-2015 - Added ability for domain wide installation.
03-18-2015 - Fixed Firefox compatibility
03-10-2015 - moved to iFrame sandbox mode as a work-around for chrome v40
03-4-2015 - Added Italian, updated CSS to make accents more legible
03-2-2015 - Added document focus and cursor placement fix, added û to French
02-17-2015 - Added GUILLEMET marks to appropriate languages
01-12-2015 - Added Ancient Latin - long marks
01-9-2015 - Added Português
01-7-2015 - Added 7 new languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, Hungarian and Icelandic
11-30-2014 - Added  ligature of o and e (œ).
11-5-2014 - Updated Layout
11-4-2014 - Added Sámi (Northern, Lule, Southern), auto hide help section, added Êê to French 
11-3-2014 - Added Ââ to French
11-1-2014 - Added Māori
Added the ability to insert capital accents.
A User of Easy Accents
August 4, 2019
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A User of Easy Accents
September 22, 2018
Could you add or create a new app for degrees and other scientific/geographic symbols? Thanks.
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Lisa Ryan
March 6, 2017
Can you add a category for the Phonetic Alphabet IPA? It would include special characters like the schwa? This would be very helpful for teachers. Thank you!
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A User of Easy Accents
February 28, 2017
It would be great to add Swedish characters as I especially can't find an option for the (å) in any of the ones available :)
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Daniel Baker
February 28, 2017
Please send a google doc with what you are looking for and I can add it to my next update.
A User of Easy Accents
January 19, 2017
Are you planning on adding catalan accents anytime soon? It would be very helpful since I find myself jumping from the french, italian, portuguese and spanish ones everytime I have to write in my language. Also... what about google sheets? A version of easy accents for google sheets would also be great. A pretty good add-on. Thank you! :)
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A User of Easy Accents
December 4, 2016
Didn't have all the accents, but it was pretty good. I couldn't find another add-on with german accents :)
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Daniel Baker
March 15, 2017
Please let me know of any missing accents.
A User of Easy Accents
September 28, 2016
I just wish it would have Chinese accents. I need an e with a hat and an accent mark by the hat.
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Sydney Phelps
November 3, 2016
Check "insert" // "special characters" // "latin"
A User of Easy Accents
September 5, 2016
This add on is much easier to use than the impossible to remember keyboard shortcuts. My only complaints are that it is a bit slow to put out the letter, and it doesn't save the last language you usedd
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A User of Easy Accents
August 31, 2016
This addon is amazing. It helps a lot when doing Latin and German in school. I had just downloaded the add-on today, and I already love it. If anything, the only problems I have are when you already have a selected format, (bold, italic, underline, etc.) but the accented letter I want is unformatted. Along with that, if the letter is in bold, the font is always Cambria (I think), when I want it to be something else. But these are only minor flaws, but I personally like this add-on. Definitely recommend this to others.
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A User of Easy Accents
June 20, 2016
It's great and has all the features but there is a one-second delay to write an accent. Also, please remove a with acute accent in french. It doesn't exist in french.
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