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EasyGrouper is your company contact list for Google Apps.
EasyGrouper is a shared mobile directory that is automatically pushed to everyone's phones, including user photo support. It is designed for any group, organization or business that wants to take its contact list and push it directly to people's mobile devices while maintaining it in a central location. There is no duplication of contacts and you can find someone by a name or a face. 
No more outdated spreadsheets or messy contact lists. A quick sync with your Google Apps for Business account will get you up and running in no time.
Profile photos bring your account to life, helping to make new employee onboarding easier. Foster a greater sense of community and connectedness.

Biographies give you a powerful and flexible way to find people in your organization quickly. With EasyGrouper Biographies a user can identify languages they speak, certifications they have, technical skills they can leverage or just hobbies and special interests. 
With Google Apps for Business, no need to add, edit or delete users, that all happens automatically. We even fill the gap left by Google Apps, letting employees put in their own contact information and have it automatically push to everyone's mobile device. 

EasyGrouper can make your organization's life easier and help better connect your employees.

Mobile Company Directory:
•        Employee contact management
•        Automatic updates
•        Call, text or email directly from our mobile apps
•        Profile photos
•        Employee biographies
Desktop and Mobile Access:
•        Web application for desktop users
•        Free Mobile Apps
•        Android contact sync  
•        iPhone contact sync
Safe and Secure:
•        Can be separate from personal phone contacts
•        Cloud based
•        Secure remote wiping
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Michael Gural
May 15, 2019
This review is long overdue, we have used EasyGrouper for a long time (years) and found it to be an invaluable tool for our employees. As our company continues to grow it becomes harder and harder to remember everyone, especially with more than half of our staff working full-time remote. EasyGrouper is our "official" company directory containing phone numbers and photos. Sure there are other solutions and most of the information lives in Google, but until Google creates a standalone address book app (don't hold your breath) that we can install on iOS and Android that can provide remote and mobile users quick and easy access to the company directory of all users, we will keep using EasyGrouper.
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