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Let you easily manage price, qty, special price, disable and enable any products in your store fast Magento 2 integrated
The Easymanage spreadsheet add-on uses all the power of data manipulation in Google Spreadsheets for updating and managing products in your store. Right now it's integrated with Magento 2 or Woocommerce web stores, but the website requires a special module to be installed. More at - https://easymanage.biz/
With this tool, you can:

1. Quick update with price, special price, status, qty, disable, enable products
2. Export customers, update them with newly registered, have their emails which can be used in marketing emails
3. Mail merge - create personalized emails per each customer, send them from your Gmail account, so they Inbox for sure
4. Update email content with products, cms blocks HTML using shortcodes
4. Manage unsubscribes
4. Easily update any product with any attribute
5. Import products
6. Create configurable products
7. Update products small images, base image, thumb image, gallery images
8. Update products custom options
9. Update products SEO data
10. Integration with your store
11. Update data in real-time

Magento 2 and Woocommerce(Woo) integrated
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A User of Easymanage
May 27, 2020
I just amazed after exploring this, you did really great job. Do you have a plan to add order data too? Thanks
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A User of Easymanage
March 28, 2020
Thank you for this wonderful scrips that really ease the process. Kudos to also providing for free. Roadmap anywhere or what is planned for updates to see - also be willing to donate to get some momentum?
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A User of Easymanage
February 4, 2020
We use it every day. Thanx for your efforts! What does the "Append data" checkbox do when fetching data?
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A user of Easymanage
March 28, 2020
Append adds to the existing sheet data. i.e if you have already data, it will add it below again. Otherwise keep disabled and it will replace so you will have same count of rows.
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