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Allows retrieval of Google Forms edit URLs
Edit o Matic allows users to retrieve the 'Edit URL' (or the editing links) of Google Forms submissions. Edit o Matic also uses the bitly link shortener to create short links for easy sharing and analytics. This is really useful for using Google Forms as a quiz and allowing people to update their responses. 

You will need to run the add-on each time you want to shortern the links.
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A User of Edit o Matic
February 5, 2018
Absolutely perfect! After a couple hours scouring the internet for an answer, and even trying to build a script of my own, I did the SMART THING (what I should have done FIRST) and searched thru the Add-ons. I found this and it did EXACTLY what I wanted, and more! The short URL was the icing and cherry on top. Thanks!!!
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