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Email Notifications for Google Forms
Get Google Forms data in an email message when users submit the form. Send notifications to the form owner, the respondent and to different people based on the form answers. Also get push notifications on your iPhone or Android.
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The Email Notification add-on for Google Forms will send email messages every time a respondent submits your Google Form. You can email notifications to yourself (the form owner), the form respondent or you can created advanced notification rules and send emails to different people based on the form answers.

The form notification emails can be customised and you can include any of the form fields in the email subject or the email body using the the {{form field}} notation. You can send emails in plain text or use HTML for professional emails.

The Google Add-on can also send push notifications to your iPhone, iPad or Android when a new form is submitted. The mobile notification can include answers to form questions submitted by the respondent.

If you have included any File Upload fields in your Google Form, the email notification will include links to the uploaded file in your Google Drive. Thus you can directly open the files from the email itself without having to find them in the Drive.

To learn more, check the help center and tutorials at

Uses of the Google Forms Email Notifications Add-on

1. Send confirmation emails to customers when they fill your contact form
2. Save leads in your CRM by forwarding the form responses in emails
3. Teachers can send acknowledgements to parents when students fill the form
4. Get real-time notifications on your mobile phone when a new form is submitted

Premium Benefits

You can email up to 50 form responses per day with the free edition. Premium users on Google Apps can send up 1500 email responses per day while Gmail users can create up to 400 form responses daily. The limit resets midnight PST.

Premium users can specify a condition and the form data will be forwarded to different people depending on the user's selection in the form. Conditions can be simple (like when product name is iPhone, send the email to iPhone support team) or you can use regex for specifying more complex conditions.

The add-on includes branding in the outgoing email notifications. If you would like to remove the branding, please upgrade to premium (volume licenses and Google Apps domain licenses  are also available).

Premium Upgrade available at 

Update Date Time Formats

The default date time format is MMM dd, YYYY. You can go to the Add-ons menu, choose Email Notifications for Forms, Manage Form Settings and update the date format as well as the Google Forms' timezone. Here are some sample datetime formats:

YYYY-MM-d hh:mm a -- 2016-11-28 06:30 PM
YY-MMM-d HH:mm:ss -- 2016-Nov-28 18:30:22
MMMM d, YYYY h:mm a -- July 12, 2016 12:19 PM
EEE, d MMM yyyy -- Wed, 4 Jul 2016
YYYY/MM/dd HH:mm:ss -- 2016/11/29 12:08:56

Google Forms Troubleshooting

If you are not receiving email notifications for new form submissions, please try the following steps:

0. The notification add-ons sends emails through your Gmail account. Thus you need to have the Gmail service enabled for your Google Account.

1. Ensure that your daily email limit is not zero. Go to to test your email limit.

2. Ensure that you are not using multiple notification add-ons. Go to your forms' add-on menu and ensure that "Email Notifications for Forms" is available. You can remove other notification add-ons.

3. Go to the add-on menu and choose Restart Add-on. This will reinitialize the email sending triggers for the form.

4. If you have Google Apps for Education or Google Apps (free legacy edition), you would need to enable the Gmail service for your domain.

If you still have issues, send the debug logs from the add-ons menu. Or send email to for support.

Google Forms Tips:

A: If you use Salesforce, Insightly or another CRM, you can redirect all form submission to the CRM with this add-on. Just get the email address for posting leads to  your CRM and set up a notification rule that forwards all form responses to that email address.

B: If the logs show the error "Authorization is required to perform that action. Please run the script again to authorize it.", go to the Forms Add-on support menu and choose re-authorize. 

Changelog and Release Notes

v99 (April 2, 2017) - Set up email notification based on form answers. New documentation added at

v94 (Feb 22, 2017) - Added support for File Upload in Google Forms. The link in the email notifications will directly point to the uploaded file in the Google Drive of the form owner.
v90 (Feb 19, 2017) - Added option to specify reply-to address for email notifications. Switched from military time to human readable time. Dates formatted in your specified format. Added checks to ensure form notifications are sent when triggers are inactive.
v82 (Jan 14, 2017) - Added option to temporarily disable form notifications. Bug fixes.
v75 (Dec 15, 2016) - Mobile notifications for Google Forms, powered by IFTTT.
v63 (November 18, 2016) Increased daily email sending limit for Gmail users from 50 to 400 emails per day. Email reminder sent to form owner when daily limit is exhausted.
v56 (November 2, 2016) Use your preferred datetime formats for Response Date. Update the default timezone of the form responses.
v55 (September 9, 2016) Response dates are now correctly captured in the form owner's local timezone.
v53 (August 23, 2016) Restart option added, bug fixes, improved debug log, switched to new activation screen.
v50 (July 19, 2016) If your Google Forms is collecting respondents' email addresses, you can use the {{Username}} field to include the collected email into form notification.
v40 (April 20, 2016) Email notifications neatly formats responses to checkboxes, multiple grid, and linear scale questions. 
v30 (April 15, 2016) Added support for non-English characters (accents, umlauts, foreign languages). Use the variable {{Username}} to include the respondent's email in the form body (if available).
v20 (April 12, 2016) Send debug logs to the developer for troubleshooting. Bug fix related to editing email notification rules.
v12 (March 14, 2016) Added support for multiple choice grid in email notifications
April 7, 2017
I have used the add-on for nearly a year with flawless results. However yesterday I discovered that when I try to define rules to send notifications it seems to be sending a mash up of two rules in one email and then multiple emails with varied inputs. It never used to have these issues.. I have followed the trouble-shooting guide and sent 3 emails for support help only to receive back an automated response from Amit saying refer to trouble shooting.. Amit was in touch to help resolve the issue but ceased communication.. Amit can you please get back to me.. even if to say it can't be solved so I can find/source an alternative... its a shame.. because your addon is the best I've ever used
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April 5, 2017
i am not gettting notification on my android device like a flash screen it only shows on the notification bar kindly advise regards
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March 20, 2017
Great add-on, works very well, but every time it's updated it loses permissions. There is no notification until you go into forms and open the addon, so it just stops sending notifications until you realise.
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March 14, 2017
Fills a big need I had for forms. Very responsive developer.
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March 8, 2017
This add-on has changed my life!
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March 1, 2017
have tried many. this is the best.
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February 26, 2017
I use it daily in many forms. Works great. Highly customizable and features added regularly. Pricey though.
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February 17, 2017
We are using it for our request forms system at our company. Simple to use and the formatting options has significantly helped streamline our system. There was a bit of a bug with the date formatting but Amit worked with me until it was fixed! Thank you!
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February 9, 2017
Great add-on for Google Forms. We have been using it for quite some time and does exactly what we want it to do. I had a recent hiccup (more my fault), but I needed to transfer a license from a previous e-mail to a newer one. I emailed support and got a response back within 15 minutes.
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February 4, 2017
This has been a wonderful addon that I have been using for a while. I just recently upgraded to the paid version, and so far am very pleased with it.
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April 8, 2017
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