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Email Signature Marketing Tool for Google Apps - WiseStamp
A powerful Google Apps Email Signature solution. Centrally manage all your company email signatures. Add logo, banner, tagline and social profiles to the thousands of emails sent by your employees.
577,922 users
WiseStamp brings your corporate signature to life working as a key marketing tool and providing consistency and control via central management.  Promote your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, the latest company news, blog, sale, webinar or event in each and every email.

* Centrally manage and brand your Google Apps emails
* Promote your brand, news, site, product, Facebook and Twitter
* 30-Second, company-wide setup

WiseStamp, email signature management, empowers you to easily brand and, centrally manage your employees’ email signatures using professional templates consistent with your company’s image and policies in every Gmail message. 

* 14-Day free trial (No credit card required)

If your organization has 30 employees who send 15 emails daily, then your company would send over 150,000 emails annually, which is 150,000 potential ad impressions and business cards all in one. If you have 100 employees, you’d have more than 500,000 annual ad impressions.
Ask yourself, Can you really afford to miss this marketing opportunity? 

Use your Google mail to drive more traffic to your website with WiseStamp. 
WiseStamp can increase your sales and help you inform your customers and contacts about your latest company news. Easily promote your Webinar upcoming event or Sales. Include buttons to your  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube pages. Add banners, marketing taglines, your latest blog post or add legal disclaimers and green email footer to your emails. Integrate WiseStamp with your Google Analytics. 

Fully Supports:
* Google Apps Parked domains
* Google Apps Alias domains

WiseStamp has a long and proven track record of satisfied customers: 
• Over half a billion emails sent 
• Hundreds of thousands of satisfied users worldwide 
• As seen in TechCrunch, Mashable, MakeUseOf

Perfect for exchange migration users. 
Make your Gmail emails effective with the SEO equivalent of email. Join WiseStamp now! 

Coming soon: 
Salesforce CRM 
Zendesk CRM 
Zoho CRM

* Requires a Paid Google Apps for Business account to work in full
December 21, 2017
Easy to set up but A Warning: depending on who gets the email and what email service they use, your logo or photo may appear huge - larger than life size - on their screen! Had to delete my photo.
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September 5, 2016
I have a paid subscription - customer service went above and beyond with my questions and requests for support. They stand behind their product and it works great in Gmail.
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May 24, 2016
This product is a great way to market your business through gmail. It lets you add branding and makes it very simple to manage all your employees signatures from one admin console. Also, the customer service at this company far exceeded my expectations. I am very happy customer and will be using this for a long time!
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Wisestamp is a must app for every business using Google apps. I highly recommend it. The signature using wisestamp is not only impressive but also a great tool to drive traffic to our website. Further more Wisestamp has an excellent support team that help us setup everything right
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March 30, 2016
This is a neat product that's simple to implement. Just make sure you plan the roll out properly by letting everyone know you are going to make changes. You can bulk upload everyone's information and customize/hard-code specific details by reaching out to their engineers. Nadav has been a great resource for all the help I needed! Thanks!
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March 22, 2016
WiseStamp is a great app. Easy to use and amazing support desk.
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March 16, 2016
Inexpensive, effective and great support desk too! My whole company uses this.
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March 13, 2016
Seriously amazing service for an online business! Skype calls in order to get ever detail of our required custom signatures perfect. Dealt with the same person each time (Nadav) who was engaged and eager to please.
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January 2, 2016
Used it for several years. Also used corporate plan for a team. At beggining i like it. But then it become not help but a problem. IT didnt wont to work on several accounts in gmail if you use multiple accounts. Also corporate plan had glitches that some time it work, sometime not. But the worst things - is billing. Because it use bluesnap service that is not really user friendly service and is a outsources it is pain in a but to make changes to a plan or billing. So i cancelled this program.
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June 17, 2014
Very pleased with our experience with Wisestamp. We selected this product because it gave us the flexibility to individually choose which accounts were active within our company, something that is important to our business. Also having the ability to create different templates gave us the ability to customize our signature structure differently for employees across different departments. Another big point was the ability to create the structure and then allow the individual employees to update their own details, this was big in making sure things remain current but without bogging down IT with endless tweaks at the admin level. Very pleased so far and a big thanks to Tom for all your help. I would absolutely recommend this to any Google Admin out there looking for a way to easily (and cost effectively) manage signatures company-wide.
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