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Emails Director Gold
Sends an email when the Form is submitted. Can also make an HTTPS Request. To have the add-on send an email when the Form is submitted, first click "Add-ons", then choose "Emails Director Gold" and finally click the "Settings and Info" menu item. Click the Email Settings and enter new settings.
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FEATURES of this add-on:

1) Sends emails 
2) Make an HTTPS POST or GET request

* Sends emails - Including TO: CC: and BCC: 
  - Also can make "REPLY TO:" and "Do Not Reply" settings

- This add-on can evaluate the Form answers and either send an email or not depending upon the tests that you define.
- CC the email to the address of your choice, or not.
- Send different emails, to different addresses
- Rich Text Editor to style and format emails with HTML
- Ability to add images to emails
- Unlimited number of Conditional tests for whether to send an email or not
- Unlimited number of different email body definitions
- Include an Edit URL in the email to edit the Form
- Include a Pre-Filled URL in the email to pre-fill a Form
- Include a timestamp in the email
- Add merge fields to both the subject line and email body to put Form answers into the content
- Add merge fields to TO: CC: or BCC: fields
- Capture the email address of the LOGGED IN Google account

- Set the REPLY TO: address
- Set a "Do not Reply" setting
- Set the name associated with the Sending Email
- Display multiple checkbox answers in a bulleted list
A User of Emails Director Gold
June 18, 2019
So far this add-on is great, and does what it says, but it is not free. As of 2019-06-18, it costs a very affordable $3/year.
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A User of Emails Director Gold
April 10, 2018
This add-on can decide whether to send an email or not depending upon how a question is answered. It can send different emails at the same time, with different content. It can merge the form answers into the email. It can add and edit and/or prefilled URL to the email. You can literally have the add-on check a question for 50 different answers, and send a different email for every one of the 50 answers.
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