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A powerful helpdesk that helps your team deliver awesome support to each and every customer.

You know the value of the human touch. You already know how important it is for your customer communication to stay personal and honest. Then why is it so hard to find a help desk that understands this? This is where Enchant comes in. Unlike a traditional help desk, Enchant is completely invisible to your customers. They see no ticket numbers and have nothing to log in to. At the same time, your'll have everything you need to deliver fast, efficient and personalized customer support.

Our mission is to help businesses build an army of happy customers.


* Easy to use: It's super easy to pick up and get going. Your team will need minimal training.
* You personality shines: Your emails look like normal emails. There are no scary ticket numbers. There is nothing to log in to. To your customers, it's just email
* Your workflow: Enchant is designed to fit your workflow. Multiple teams responsible for different kinds of customer requests? Multiple levels of support? Multiple email addresses? Not a problem. Build as many support queues as you need. Organize your team your way.


"Set up was fast, and training reps takes minutes! We couldn't be happier with Enchant"
"With 10 minutes of setup and 5 minutes of training we replaced our shared email account"
"Simple, sleek and straightforward - Enchant has nailed it"
"It's opinionated software with very wise opinions"
"Enchant was easy to implement. Now, we get a lot more done with a lot less effort!"
"Enchant lets us treat customers like people, not tickets"
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