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ERPAG is an ERP cloud service that covers all business processes for small or mid-sized companies.

By ‘’all’’ we mean:
Purchasing, Sales, Production, Stocks, Project planning, POS, Payroll, Business Analysis.
But, how can such a complex solution function in your company, without hiring an army of experts? 
Well, this is not exactly a complex solution. Using a simple interface we have achieved to cover very complex processes, to adjust them to You, without losing functions- such as automatic booking, linking documents,  etc.

Our goal was to make a simple ERP software that covers complex processes. But how?
In the process of developing and testing ERPAG that answer arose, therefore we established fundamental principles that are like DNA of ERPAG

Without complicated forms, hidden options, complex manuals.
Natural copying of real business processes into application enables users intuitive using.

Not only typical automatic bookings! But accumulating experiences in the process of working, because ERPAG is alive service that learns and calculates, it can memorize your settings and use them in daily work. Erpag reminds you of your obligations, whether you have payments, deliveries, tasks, or important dates.

Erpag is a simple inetgrated solutution for your Company. One-time input is implied! Integration enables that once entered change is visible in all business processes, which further means that below the hood there is one unbelievable engine that enables processing, storing, prepartion for reporting, with only one single click. 
All modern and expensive information technologies are offered in ERPAG- we have included: index search, transactional bases, analyist- datawarehouse bases, notifications, online service connectivity, back- up process, into one powerful engine that maximally saves service resources, which enables us to offer cuttingedge techologies based on very competitive prices.

Morphing- User wrapping
ERPAG recognizes User's needs. By choosing “Roles“ in ERPAG you are creating types of users that will use ERPAG within your organization. Every user has their commitments and daily routines, so it is fully possible to adjust ERPAG according to the needs of employees, and by doing that, the time of implementation is reduced for almost 90% and your employees are much more productive.  Documents, reports, statistics, notifications- everything can be adjsuted to a concrete work postion of users, by which productivity is drastically increased.
All application elements could be profiled according to users' needs, thus we like to say that: ERPAG WRAPS AROUND USERS.

Yes, it is possible, on all platforms, but when we say availability, we don't think only hardware and software, but availability of the most complex ERP processes used by big companies- for You, small and middle – sized companies. We imply price availability, therefore you can afford tools that drastically increase productivity of your company. Our support is available through online trainings, free learning videos and demo examples.

We have implemented core security rules such as:
SSL and advanced crypting.
All users are isolated in own sandboxes.
Backup is managed daily.

A User of ERPAG
September 14, 2018
very great tool.
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A User of ERPAG
June 1, 2016
Great tool.Cover's all that I need to use in my small business (simple sales, production, purchasing). I can surely recommend it.
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A User of ERPAG
October 22, 2015
Good app.
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A User of ERPAG
October 4, 2015
After reviewing many programs, I found this is the one that best fits my needs. I love it!
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A User of ERPAG
September 30, 2015
Prologiciel de gestion opérationnel chez google+
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Dany Mourad
September 6, 2015
A very good app and covers all the aspects of the business.
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A User of ERPAG
August 30, 2015
Amazing application.
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A User of ERPAG
August 26, 2015
Very complete, and they are quick to respond to questions,..A serious contender!
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A user of ERPAG
April 25, 2016
JF How were you able to get them to respond. I have sent multiple emails without success.
A User of ERPAG
July 28, 2015
The application is really helpful for small enterprises and establishments. Great app!!
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Hector Hernan Rivera Vaca
July 14, 2015
Completa. Aunque sería mas práctico tener un módulo para caja chica.
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