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Evercontact for Google Apps
Keep your CRM and Addressbook Automatically up-to-date!
136,805 users
Evercontact is the highest-rated Google Apps Contact Management service. Make sure all of your team’s contacts are up-to-date as this app scans and extracts contact info in signatures in incoming emails and can also centralize them for your team. 

  •  Updates your address book- past, present, future!
  •  Save hundreds of payroll hours for your company.
  •  Avoid lost contacts when contact details change
  •  Avoid your valuable contacts leaving when your employees do!
  •  Keep your entire team on the same page with a centralized address book
  •  Sync to your CRM

Here is what Evercontact can do for you and your team

• Save time, as email signatures for new contacts are analyzed and new entries or updates are automatically added your Google Contacts/CRM.
• Peace of mind: Never again worry about missing a change in your contacts’ info, as Evercontact recognizes any new phone numbers, new jobs, new Linkedin account etc and registers them automatically!
• Go back in time & organize! Evercontact can scan past emails 1-5 years back and find valuable unsaved contacts!
• Centralize your team’s contacts so you all have the latest details to reach out, and don’t disappear when you have staff changes!
• Also share new and updated contact info to Salesforce or export to vCard so you can use anywhere you need it!

With Evercontact, you improve your customer management as you never lose any contact detail ever again. 

Install Evercontact and try it for 15 days free. Plans start at 5$/user/month.

Our high-profile users love the service and you will too!
• Eric Ries (Sillicon Valley enterepreneur and author): Wow, Evercontact works like magic.
• Alex Griffiths (CEO at SocialCrunch): Most valuable app of the year for me!
• Andrew Ross Sorkin (CNBC News Anchor): Evercontact analyzed 195,687 of my emails last year and magically updated 2,310 contacts. Crazy.

Your team's contact management is greatly improved with this revolutionary tool.  You must be a domain administrator in order to install the service on Google Apps.

1) activate the service for all of your users by clicking on ‘Activate all users’
2) select which users will have access to the service.
3) or let your colleagues activate the service themselves.
Rob Gordon
April 30, 2019
Forced me to load it without revealing price, and for a ton of different permissions,, made me wait while it analyzed my email, found exactly one contact to update and then tried to sell me on a monthly plan. How do I uninstall this junk?
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Maggi Newell
November 8, 2016
excellent -- sometimes combines contact info for different people though
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Maya Karya
July 5, 2016
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Chris Gallagher
July 4, 2016
I bought this for my company - pathetic support. I have 5 support tickets and never get a response. DO not buy this program.
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Gabriela Giacoman
July 5, 2016
Hi Chris, I am sorry that we can't offer 24 hour support but did get back the morning after receiving your emails, I know our team is still in touch so hope your problem is resolved very soon, thanks!
Peter Benedict
March 17, 2016
Evercontact is one of those transformational apps I didn't know I couldn't live without before starting to use it. Once it is set up it quietly captured contacts and updated my address book in the background. Otherwise potential contacts would quickly be lost to my email archives. Really easy to use and hugely helpful.
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David Marshall
December 7, 2015
It really does update and retrieve the correct details for your new & exsisting contacts
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Philippe Laval
April 13, 2015
I have added over 250 contacts through Evercontact which I would previously have added manually. Evercontact is a much more accurate and faster method. For people who deal with a lot of new contacts (eg. journos like myself) it's a no-brainer. I also use the Chrome plugin to add details straightaway so I can call them on my phone (thanks to sync).
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Philippe Houatais
March 10, 2015
Been looking for a service like this for quite some time. Evercontact is a great time saver and the ROI is easy to quantify whether it is simply saving time entering the data OR more importantly having correct contact information that could lead to closing a deal faster or AT ALL. Highly recommended.
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A User of Evercontact for Google Apps
May 22, 2014
I have added over 250 contacts through EverContact which I would previously have added manually. EC is a much more accurate and faster method. For people who deal with a lot of new contacts (eg. journos like myself) it's a no-brainer. I usually use the Chrome plugin to add details straightaway so I can call them on my phone (thanks to sync). EC could be a little faster - there's a short lag but far shorter than the time to manually copy and paste. Also it doesn't always copy all fields, so I sometimes need to manually amend the details. But it's still essential software for me.
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Doug Steinberg
April 16, 2014
Occasionally changes contact s in unintended ways but in general this is a feature that was a glaring omission from gmail. The only issue i notice is i am a compulsive filer and if i archive emails before the evercontact scan it misses some. Highly recommend for anyone in business, marketing or sales.
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