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The only application to involve non Google users in your approval workflow. Create version and workflow right in the document no need to create multiple version. We don't store version of your doucument all remain safe in your Drive.
Works with:
Create approval workflow with your colleagues who have a google accounts but also involve people with non google accounts ?
=> ezFlow is the only application which allow you to create workflows for Google and Non-Google people. 

☑ Create approval workflows in 2 clicks (video 1)
✉ Receive an email for each approve/reject
📊 Follow answers directly in the add-on
📆 View all workflow history in the sidebar
🔒 We don't store any files all remain safe in your Drive
⏳ Save version of your documents and stop making multiple copies (video 2)
‼ Restore any version of your document in one click, no need to search for the good one in revision history. 

How it works :
Let say you are writing a document with several people and want to share a first version for review. Just save a new version with ezFlow to keep track of this first release.
Then you want to validate version 2 of your document. Share document with appropriates persons and ask for approval. They will receive an email and will be able to access a preview of the file and to download the pdf or docx file if needed. 

Approval or rejection are saved and you receive an email each time a new answer is added.
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ezFlow for Google Docs™ will need access to your Google account
This will allow ezFlow for Google Docs™ to :
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Docs documents
See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files
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A User of ezFlow for Google Docs™
June 30, 2018
Opening up the add-on immediately confronted me with terms I did not understand about new revisions and new workflow. So I went looking for help. I went back to Google Docs menu for Add-ons and moused-over ezFlow, it listed a “Help” option, but the only help options it offered were reporting bugs and seeing the add-on in the store. Few of the symbols on the sidebar have mouseovers, so I just started clicking around. I eventually discovered how to use some features from both ends by adding a different personal email of mine as another reviewer. Once I had completed a workflow with myself, I tried creating another and hit the same wall of confusion and lack of support. I’m sure I could figure it out, but trial and error are time consuming. Additionally, It would take some training and practice with people who would use this with me, and most of them are not very good about following through on clicks with this kind of stuff. I think throwing one more click machine at them would cause confusion. For my purposes, I think using plain email, Google Doc comments/assignments, or Asana work well enough. Conclusion: Not intuitive. Not supported with help feature. I’m not likely to use this.
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