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Get notified of changes made in your Google Sheets automatically. Also include editors and readers to the notifications and be alerted of file name change.
ezNotifications will let you be notified of changes in a Google Sheets. You will be able to activate notifications in any Google sheet to receive an email with list of people who made changes.

Notify Editors of changes
Notify Readers and Commentators of chnages
Be alerted if someone change the title of the sheets

*** During Beta, ezNotifications for Docs is free, after to help us maintain the app owner options will be in the paid version ***

#Owner options
As an owner of the document you will be able to activate optons to notify also editors and Commentators/Readers and if the title has been chnaged.

#Frequency of notifications
You can setup 2 frequency :
- Daily at the hours you want.
- Hourly
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Jackie Cole
June 7, 2018
exactly what we needed. sending notifications allows my team to work on a project without having to wait and check back to see if the others have completed their portion yet. we get emails every morning with the changes, so the whole team knows where exactly we are, and who we are waiting on to do their part. it also helps forgetful ones like me from having to remember to log into sheets every single day to check our status.
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A User of ezNotifications for Sheets
February 19, 2018
Love this..
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A User of ezNotifications for Sheets
November 28, 2016
It works, but is there a way to make it notify me only when other make changes to the file?
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A user of ezNotifications for Sheets
September 24, 2018
If not, is anyone aware of an Add-On that has this feature?
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