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Manage Shared Contacts of your Google Apps domain right from Google Sheets. Modify, Delete and Create shared contacts.
Manage Shared contacts of your Google Apps domain right from Google Sheets. 
Install ezShared Contacts to add, modify, delete shared contacts on your domain. Add-on is for super admin of the domain.

**** In App payment with Trial period ****

You can try app before buying it. With a trial account you can do 20 modifications on the shared contacts of your domain.

# Installation
After validating authorization for add-on you will have to authorize ezShared contacts to access your Shared Contacts. click on the link and you will be redirected to the window for validating access to shared contact of your domain.

# How to use it
On the menu sidebar select Add or Modify to access elements.

1 - On Add screen first click on Setup to display column to add information about Shared contacts, then click on Add.
To be able to Add Shared contacts you will need a license.

2 - On modify Screen click on Retrieve to get all shared contacts of the domain. Then modify element and select the appropriate action in column Type then click on Update.

# License
Lincense is 15€ or 15$ per year and per account. Once license purchased there is no limitation in number of contacts creation.

# Access needed
Google contacts and Google Service : To modify contacts of the domain
Google Drive and Google docs : Because of sheets add-on.
You account information : Need your email for license.

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Adam Baylis
July 23, 2018
It was OK and seemed to work well enough. But I found it frustrating that you can only add contacts that have a first name, last name and email address. For example, I wanted to add some entries for organisations rather than individuals, which means leaving first name and last name blank. I also wanted to add people who had a phone number but not an email address. I guess I could enter something like n/a in those boxes but it looks and feels hacky. I think I'll have to uninstall and look for something else.
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Rodger King
January 6, 2018
Tried to buy it but it just goes to a blank page. Looks like it would work....but I am at a loss on how to get it. Tried both from the "BUY" button on the app as well as from the link on the bottom of this page (which just goes to a "404" page). Too bad. [EDIT] - finally found a link that have to let the "free" updates that are provided with the app to completely expire (ie: use them up) at which point a popup shows which provides you with a link to buy the app. Currently it is deleting the numerous contacts I have somehow entered into the company directory and I will come back to give you my verdict when it is done.
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A User of ezShared Contacts
November 11, 2016
It is not free require a gsuite account whicch is not free, so easy to say before we put all effort to make it works.
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A user of ezShared Contacts
December 16, 2016
Hi I don't understand your point as the first words of description is : Manage shared contacts of your Google Apps domain. And when you open the add-on with a Gmail account we explicitly say : A Google Apps account is required to use ezShared Contacts. I don't understand why you say "all efforts" as we tell you everything directly. Google Shared Contacts is a special feature of Google Apps domain. If you want to share contacts across gmail accounts you have to see if another apps exist. 1 star is not fair !!!
Admin Shomrei Emunah
October 9, 2015
I don't think this does what I want. But I was very impressed by the service and support of the developer.
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