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Quickly send a fax of your active Google Docs document. So easy!
Barry Welch
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Fax Machine is an Add-on for Google Docs that lets you send a fax of the current document to any fax machine in the US and Canada. Fax machine charges a per-page fee for the sending of faxes with the following formula:

1-3 pages: $1.50/pg
4-10 pages: $1.25/pg
11+ pages: $1.00/pg
A User of Fax
January 15, 2018
Very simple and easy to use. For the price, I was hoping there'd be a few more features, like the ability to add a custom signature as an upload, or choose from a selection of cover page templates... or something.
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A User of Fax
July 22, 2017
Amazing! Super easy to install and use. Thank you for the video tutorial, it helped a lot. I initially tried another app (HelloFax) and it froze on me. I switched to FaxMachine and it worked on the first try. Thank you!
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A User of Fax
July 14, 2017
Thank for help
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A User of Fax
April 6, 2017
Worked quite well, although I did have to save the document and reopen it for the FAX add-on to appear. I used the signature service as well. If you have two windows open, just save and re-open the page you want to use the 2nd add-on, and then both programs will appear in the Add-on menu. Overall, very easy and quick. I was charged for two pages when there was only 1, but at 60 cents, its a bargain. Thanks!
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