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Fillable Document
Make your Google Document a live Fillable Form to store, publish and deliver.
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“Fillable Document” add-on opens Google document as LIVE FILLABLE FORM with the ability to store data into Google Sheets, generate merged document as Google Document & PDFs, deliver with templated email notifications. Also, Fillable Document can publish the document as fillable form, get the link or embed code to share with your users.

This add-on makes template processing and mail merging easy and visual with Google document. It comes very handy when you you work with templated documents on a day-to-day basis.

Any Google document can act as a template. The dynamic fields are marked with ${field name} style in document or can be created in the sidebar and inserted into the document. Fillable Document’s powerful template engine presents the fields visually, generates merged document & PDF with a click of  a button and delivers through email or into Google Drive folder.

Along with generation personalized, beautiful documents and PDF, the data filled in the Google document can be stored into a spreadsheet destination.

You can collaborate building Fillable Document with other users as well as publish the Document as fillable form for your end users to fill data.


►  Make any Google Document as LIVE FILLABLE FORM

►  Rich set of Field Types to make the form

►  Collaborate with other people to build the Fillable Document

►  Present Fillable Form as web app or  inline app

►  Store submitted data into Google Sheets

►  Generate Document as Google Doc & PDF in to custom folder

►  Deliver the generated document through templated Email

►  Publish the Form to end users 


Few of the use uses for Fillable Document are listed below:

►  Generate custom proposal documents, contracts and agreements

►  Generate quotes, estimates and invoices

►  Generate letters, offers and envelopes

►  Prepare personalized invitations

►  Prepare certificates, assessment results and report cards

►  Publish newsletters and magazines

►  Send personalized brochure

►  Publish form for field information collection

►  Publish form for customer and order acquisition.

►  and many more...

"Fillable Document" is built with lot of love by expert team to provide best possible user experience (UX) for the advanced document processing engine. New features, enhancements and fixes will be released periodically to make this experience better over time.
Basic features of "Fillable Document" are always FREE
Pro features like unlimited quota are available under paid plan


For more details refer

Contact us at or email for any query or feature request.

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A User of Fillable Document
July 4, 2019
Very nice and helpful tool. Meets exactly my reqirements of transferring informations from one department to another in a qick and standardized format, without me as intermediary!
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A User of Fillable Document
June 18, 2019
user friendly for the general population and responsive customer service. would love to see more templates from the jivrus team soon.
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A User of Fillable Document
June 17, 2019
Excellent for a small business. Creators get in touch within 24hrs with suggestions or questions. Much better that Acrobat :)
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A User of Fillable Document
May 25, 2019
Awesome. First the developers are very responsive and helpful which is a breath of fresh air. The app itself is great at automating a lot of manual tasks. I was able to quickly and easily create an automated way of creating quotes for clients on the fly. Would highly recommend.
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A User of Fillable Document
May 24, 2019
I find this app fantastic. My technical skills are "passable" but even I was able to configure and start using the app. Importantly, the app actually does what its supposed to. Having used it to create a simple invoice, I intend to introduce it into my wife's business. My wife in an an "Allied Health" field dealing with very young children with a range of disabilities. Her job involves preparation of reports and other types of documented communication. This app will reduce, dramatically, the administrative workload. She will no longer have to copy/rename/edit previous documents to reflect the new client details etc,. This app will improve the efficiency (and accuracy) of the entire process she uses. Very happy I was able to find this app!!!!
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A User of Fillable Document
May 23, 2019
Absolutely love it! It has made the process so much easier. I highly recommend it.
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A User of Fillable Document
May 21, 2019
For my practice, this integration for Google Docs works like a charm!
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Dennis Seely
April 26, 2019
Serious time saver for our business.
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A User of Fillable Document
April 4, 2019
Thanks, very useful addon.
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A User of Fillable Document
March 29, 2019
This has been a good solution for our educational institution. The developers are actively working to improve user interface and functionality. Even though we have encountered a few technical issues, the team has responded quickly and effectively to bring solutions. Thank you Jivrus team!
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