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Ahoy is a flight booking and management tool for SMEs. Book flights across the business, with a great experience for your flyers, while keeping overview and real-time expenses in your dashboard.
A complete solution for both companies and their flyers, to quickly book flights, and get necessary company approval, while having expenses and whereabouts of flyers in one simple dashboard.

# Why use Ahoy

- Real-time availability and prices allows for faster bookings
- A simple ‘forward payment’ solution sends a notification to a company designated approver
- Flights are on hold while waiting for approval to ensure prices don't go up, or seats sold out
- An approver paying for staff flights, results in fewer reimbursements or chasing invoices
- See where and when staff are flying
- Track real-time expenses and filter easily by month, staff member, or location
- 24/7 chat support for edge cases, change of plans, and special requests.
- Flyers get checked in and their travel preferences added automatically to every booking allowing your staff to focus on company business, and less time worrying about managing their flights. 

Pay as you go with simple pricing. No upfront costs or monthly fees.

€10/flight booking
€20/flight change
€30/flight refund
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