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Flookup adds functions to Google Sheets for performing string comparisons and lookups based on percentage or sound similarity.
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The add-on functions are the eponymous FLOOKUP, FUZZYMATCH, XFLOOKUP, ZFLOOKUP and RD.

To calculate the percentage similarity between two strings, use FUZZYMATCH.
To perform lookup tasks based on percentage similarity, use FLOOKUP (vertical lookups) or ZFLOOKUP (horizontal lookups).
Both of these functions rank matches, for each lookup value, in order of descending percentage similarity.

To perform lookup tasks based on sound (as pronounced in English) use XFLOOKUP. It matches strings with similar sounds and returns the rank you request, whether it is the first, second or nth match. Matches are ranked alphabetically (A-Z).

With the FLOOKUP and XFLOOKUP functions, you can search any column of a specified table and return values from any column of that same table.
Similarly, with the ZFLOOKUP function, you can search any row of a specified table and return results from any row of that same table.
To clean up diacritical marks from any text before applying any of the functions mentioned above, use the RD function.

The underlying algorithms ensure that it is not necessary to:

1. Sort any lists.
2. Change the letter case of the strings.
3. Clean up any extra spaces.
4. Remove common punctuation marks.

Finally, you can highlight cells or delete rows with duplicate values by percentage similarity or sound similarity, by accessing the appropriate function from the add-on menu.

Flookup is flexible, reliable, fast and accurate.

Be sure to visit the official website to learn how to use Flookup, support development and much more.
September 18, 2018
Tremendous tool. I have been notoriously avoiding google sheets for any work but flookup makes it not only easier but fun to work. Thanks to the developer and keep them coming. Big thumps Up!
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October 24, 2018
Great! I'm glad Flookup made your work easier
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