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Form Director
Direct Google Form response to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Email, CRM, Accounting, Productivity, Collaboration Apps
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Form Director turns your Google Form submissions into Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar events, Contacts, Tasks, Cloud Database records, Email notifications, QuickBooks posts, Trello cards, Insightly objects, Slack messages, Asana tasks, Hubspot contacts etc.

FREE 200 docs/slides per month + FREE quota for advanced features.

Form Director works as an advanced Form Publisher with document publishing plus advanced Data Director integrations with following apps.

✔ Google Forms to GSuite apps - Google Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Docs, Sheets, Slides

✔ Google Forms to Databases - MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Cloud SQL, mlab MongoDB, Firestore, Datastore

✔ Google Forms Email Notifications

✔ Google Forms to CRM systems - Insightly, HubSpot, Copper, Salesforce

✔ Google Forms to Accounting systems - QuickBooks

✔ Google Forms to Collaboration tools - Slack, Twilio

✔ Google Forms to Productivity apps - Trello, Asana, Smartsheet, Airtable, BaseCamp

✔ Google Forms to Marketing apps - MailChimp, ActiveCampaign

✔ Google Forms to Payment systems - Stripe and PayPal

✔ Google Forms to Legal systems - Clio


The below are the applications supported with sample use cases. Remember that there is no limit to your creativity to use Form Director wherever you feel it fits and whatever use cases that you may have.

►  Google Docs  - merge form data with Google document template and publish into Google Drive as Google document and PDF
Use Cases: Publish Proposals, Agreements, Invoices, Estimates, Contracts, Bills, Letters etc by submitting Google Form.

►  Google Slide  - merge form data with Google slide  template and publish into Google Drive as Google slide and PDF
Use Cases: Publish sales & marketing presentations, pitch decks, monthly meeting slides etc by merging your template and form data.

►  Google  Sheet - create new records in multiple Google Sheets from the submitted data as per the mapping
Use Cases: Create records in three different Google Sheet accessible by three different teams for each form submission.

►  Google Calendar - create Calendar Event from the data submitted by Google Form.
Use Cases: Book an appointment, reserve a table, book a meeting by creating event from form submission. 

►   Google Contacts - create new contacts from the submitted data
Use Cases: Create your leads into your Google contacts

►  Database - Connect with databases on the cloud/ Internet, create records from the data submitted from Google Form. MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Cloud SQL, Firestore, Datastore are supported. 
Use Cases: Create Customers, Orders, Tickets, Invoices, Payments, and literally anything on your Database table by  submitting Google Form

►  Google  Task - create new tasks from the submitted data
Use Cases: Create a todo item in your task, when a lead signs up on your web page.

►  Email - send templated email on form submission
Use Cases: Send templated emails for confirming order submission to customer, project and delivery teams.

►  QuickBooks - Create record in QuickBooks Online from form submitted data
Use Cases: Onboard your employees, vendors and customers on QuickBooks on form submission
►  Trello - Create card in Trello with the data from Google Forms
Use Cases: Create a card on Trello board and organize the work items on form submission

►  Twilio - Send SMS via Twilio with the data from Google Forms
Use Cases: Send SMS notification to Delivery Team on orders submitted in Google Forms

►  Insightly - Create contacts, leads, opportunities, projects  in Insightly with the data from Google Forms
Use Case: Create contact/ opportunity in Insightly when potential customers enquire a product in the website

►  Salesforce - Create leads in Salesforce with the data from Google Forms
Use Case: Create leads  in Salesforce when potential customers enquire a product in your website that has Google Form embedded.

►  Slack - Send message to a Slack channel
Use Case: Send new order notification on a Slack channel

►  Asana - Create Tasks for a Project in Asana
Use Case: Create a new task in Asana for delivering the ordered item

►  HubSpot - Create contacts in Hubspot with the data from Google Forms
 Use Case: Capture leads from your website into Contacts in Hubspot


►  You  can also reprocess the form responses that were previously submitted.
►  Success notification on a templated email message
►  Error notification is sent when there is a failure in processing the configured services.
►  Manage multiple services and switch on/off certain services
►  Intelligent mapping feature that helps users to do the mapping of matching application fields and form fields automatically.

"Form Director" is built to be a powerful tool to make Google Form dance to your tune with friendly user experience (UX). Make the best out of it.
Basic features of “Form Director” is always FREE.
Pro features are available under paid subscription.


For more details refer
Contact us at or email for any query or feature request.
A User of Form Director
August 22, 2019
Excellent, fast customer service when I ran into a glitch. They worked with me to remedy it and it's working great! Thank you!
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A User of Form Director
August 15, 2019
Super easy to figure out. EXCELLENT customer service, even though we are 12 hours difference. They bent over backward to help me figure out solutions for my workflow. Bravo!
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A User of Form Director
August 13, 2019
This is a great app! It solves common data entry and workflow issues by pushing data captured in google forms to variety of destination systems. The owner and developer, Michaes, was extremely helpful in troubleshooting when we ran into a minor technical issue. It's refreshing to get support from someone who actually knows the product they are selling inside and out. I will continue to use this add-on and recommend it to others.
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A User of Form Director
July 29, 2019
I'm initially impressed on my preliminary research on this product; Trying to decide if this will be beneficial overall for our company
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Circus Guide Entertainment Agency
July 23, 2019
Great addon, packed with features! Using it to create multiple workflows. Support is great as well, taking onboard all the suggestions.
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Bill Adams
July 19, 2019
Perfect program to make paper documents from a google form.
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A User of Form Director
June 28, 2019
Great Product. It help us a lot.
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A User of Form Director
June 25, 2019
Great product!!
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A User of Form Director
June 7, 2019
A must have add-on if you use Google Forms!!!
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A User of Form Director
June 1, 2019
Form Director AND it's tech support team are top-notch! The add-on works great. I'm using it to collect 5 shift requests per volunteer for a team of 30 volunteers every month. Form Director adds these to a google calendar without a hitch. I initially found a minor bug but I contacted their tech support, they replied multiple times the same day and by the end of the day they had updated the code and it worked like a charm. Solid add-on from solid developers. Thank you Form Director!
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