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Form to Calendar
A simple way to create an event from a Google Form submission.
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Create event by submitting form, turn form response into Google Calendar event.
Generate a form with start time and end time fields for event to convert each new form entry into Google Calendar event.
Best for creating low cost booking and reservation systems.
The add-on connects Google Form to a Google Calendar account, create new events automatically. It uses Google Form response to make a Google Calendar event. 
Useful to make event submission form.
A User of Form to Calendar
November 9, 2018
Works ok except for the fact that when you use the "add guest" feature, it doesn't notify the guest via email like any other GCal event. That makes it pretty much useless for me.
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Haroon Islam
August 15, 2019
I would like to bump this request to the dev.
A user of Form to Calendar
February 9, 2019
Have you found a way to achieve this?
Jack Burrell
October 9, 2018
Would like the option to change which calendar it points to, I have a bunch of calendars set up for different things but can only use it to create events in my main calendar
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Amanda Barstow
November 27, 2018
Yes! Choosing which calendar would be ideal ... Otherwise, I guess I need to make 2 forms, one for each calendar I want events created to.
A user of Form to Calendar
October 12, 2018
Check the latest version, you can select different calendar now.
A User of Form to Calendar
April 25, 2018
Didn't work. Keeps giving Error adding: ScriptError: Instructions also don't explain much
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A user of Form to Calendar
September 21, 2018
You should be able to work around the form by logging out of all accounts except the one you need to edit the form.
A user of Form to Calendar
April 27, 2018
Dear Sir/Madam, If you encounter this issue, you could try close all Chrome windows, and only open one account at a time. Sincerely, -- N
A User of Form to Calendar
March 2, 2018
Very useful, simple but efficient, would recommend.
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A User of Form to Calendar
January 25, 2018
I found it very easy to install and get working properly. Thank you..Is it possible to use one form and book multiple events?
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A user of Form to Calendar
July 20, 2018
You may have found out already: Now - 2018-07-20 - you can at least add a html link to both the form header and questions ...
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