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Form Workflow Add-on
Collect information and approvals from team members: the easy and efficient way with Form Workflow
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Create a Workflow to collect information and approvals from your team.

On a Google spreadsheet linked to a Google form, you can quickly set up a validation workflow on each form submission.

From the spreadsheet, activate Form Workflow and specify your reviewer. You can add another level to the process, where a second reviewer acts on the submission after the first reviewer has done with it.  For both levels, there can be one reviewer or several. 

At any level, you can also set conditions. You can tell the add-on to send one set of requests to one reviewer, and another set of requests to another reviewer.

Reviewers will receive an email and will be able to act on the submission directly from their Gmail. They have four options: approve, decline, on hold, or send back to requestor.

You can check on the status of all the requests from your spreadsheet. A simple audit trail is offered in order to track all the events.

  1 - Open a Google spreadsheet and run the Form Workflow add-on.
  2 - Create your Google Form and choose your requestors.
  3 - Configure Form Workflow and specify your reviewers.
  4 - Add conditional reviewers, if necessary.
  5 - Add a second level of validation, if needed.
  6 - Requestors’ answers will be collected in the spreadsheet.
  5 - Reviewers will receive an email to validate the requests.
  6 - Requesters are notified of the status of their requests.
  7 - All the information exchanged is logged in the spreadsheet, where you have quick access to them

Freemium plans have a quota of 50 requests. Lift this quota and get the Pro plan at US$72/year. Only the workflow owner needs a plan. Reviewers and requestors don’t need it for the process to work.

We told you: This is workflow done easy!
December 5, 2016
Would love the ability to use different email templates for the two validation steps. Also, the ability to add additional validation steps for certain forms/situations. So far we are loving the app!
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November 29, 2016
I like this workflow tool and want to use it, but it hasn't quite matched any of my use cases yet. It looks good for "parallel" workflows, but quickly falls short on "serial" workflows with more than 2 reviewers. In my use cases, Reviewer 1 is in control of the process. If Reviewer 1 approves the Submitter's form content, an approval email is automatically sent to Reviewer 2. If Reviewer 2 approves, an approval email is automatically sent to Reviewer 3. This pattern continues through Reviewer N. If Reviewer N approves then the the Submitter gets a process approved email. If any of the Reviewers "Disapprove" of the content, then Reviewer 1 has the option of either sending the Submitter a "Disapproval" email or changing the form content and re-submitting an approval email to the Reviewer X who originally disapproved. If this solution were extended to support many "serial" reviewers (up to 5 in my case), my company would happily pay $50/year for it!
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September 26, 2016
This Addon almost fits perfectly our needs. The only small missing part is the possibility to use numbers for conditional selection of reviewers. especially: If number is higher than xx notify x. For the rest it is really easy to use.
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May 11, 2016
Intuitive easy to use
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February 11, 2016
First of all, the add-on works as specified perfectly. I have no qualms with the execution. But for my purposes, for this to reach a 5 star rating, I would need to be able to send a notification to different reviewers based on the responses. In my case, I have people requesting access to various shares, each of which is moderated by a different person. In my environment, it wouldn't be appropriate to spam all 7 of the managers each time a form is submitted and expect them to sift through and determine whether it was their share or not. The formMule add-on allows you to tailor automatic email responses based on the response to a specific form question. If that is combinable in some way... this is a 7 star add-on easy, If there is anyway to accomplish this, please let me know.
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May 13, 2016
Thanks for your feedback. We have heard you and have added these feature requests to our latest release. You can read all about them here: Please contact if you have any further issues
January 12, 2016
I like the application but i editied the validators and it wont start up. I have reacitvated it but it is still not working
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