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Form Workflow Plus Add-on
Collect information and approvals from team members: the easy and efficient way with Form Workflow
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Form Workflow Plus Add-On is intended for workflow creators using the Form Workflow Plus application and runs from Google Sheets. 

(NOTE: only Creators need to install the add-on.)

Form Workflow Plus is the best tool to help you quickly create and automate approval work flows using Google Sheets and Google Forms. Workflows can be as simple or as complex as you like, with the ability to add multiple levels of approval and set multiple conditions per approval step. 

The application is useful no matter what type of user you are: 
Creators can manage workflows easily and see form details within the application or the spreadsheet. 
Reviewers can approve through one click within the email or in bulk through the approval dashboard. 
Requesters can see the forms they can use and a history of their activity. 

 - Easy set up - demos upon request, responsive support team
 - Multi-step approvals, multiple conditions per step
 - Personalized dashboard with ongoing requests, validations, and history
 - Static or dynamic email recipients
 - One-click approvals or bulk validations
 - Customizable approval forms
 - Realtime Notifications
 - Link your spreadsheet to any Google Form or create one during setup
 - Manage workflows through a dashboard or from Google Sheets
 - Only workflow creators need to install the add-on, requesters and reviewers can install the dashboard app
 - Multiple roles can be assigned to users (User, Viewer, Admin, Creator)
 - Option to send reminders to reviewers
 - Track your activity history
 - Robust Help Center content built from customers' questions over the years
 - Customer success can address your needs via email or video call
 - Flexible payment options, especially for educational institutions and non-profits
 - Available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Arabic languages
 - Truly free trial period - we don’t ask for your payment information until the end of the 2-week trial! 

Our customers loves it for easy automation of their workflows such as:
- Purchase Approval Flow
- Employee Onboarding
- Vacation Request
- Leave Approval
- Travel Reimbursements
- Shared Resources Request
- Sales discount approval
- Payment Request
- Referral form
- Transportation request
- Billing form
- Booking form
- Nomination form
- HR Process
- Payment requisition
- Vendor Payment
- Timesheet Approval


Check for pricing information. 
Enjoy our 2 weeks Free Trial to test Form Workflow Plus. 

Contact for additional pricing options 

Going paperless with approvals with Form Workflow Plus is not just easy, it saves you time by giving you more control over your workflows. 

Schedule a demo with us now!
A User of Form Workflow Plus Add-on
December 17, 2019
Simple, yet powerful tool for your workflow and approval process. Very satisfied so far what this add-on can do.
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A User of Form Workflow Plus Add-on
October 1, 2019
This app has been helpful in streamlining a very confusing approval process for us. Most importantly, the customer support team (especially Marko) has been so incredibly supportive anytime we have questions or need help with an issue. Thanks for being so helpful and quick to respond!
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A User of Form Workflow Plus Add-on
June 7, 2019
This add-on is very buggy. The dashboard page doesn't refresh and so you can't easily click to get a workflow to open. When you open the Google sheet to edit the workflow, you must start the add-on every time (which I'm ok with), but often the add-on is not available in the add-on menu and you have to close the Google sheet and re-open it. When the add-on is available and you can start it, the approval steps do not always work the same time: not always an option to select criterion from Google sheet, etc. There are a lot of users, and the review average is 5 stars, but there are only 6 reviews, so I've tried multiple browsers, updated everything, restarted my computer, and tried multiple days over months to get an approval workflow setup. I'd skip this one, if I were you and I'm about to remove it from our GSuite domain.
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A user of Form Workflow Plus Add-on
August 1, 2019
I am experiencing the same issue regarding "starting the add-on". The status bar at the bottom of the sheet says "working" however it does not load. I have also tried multiple browsers, logging out of my google account, and restarting my computer. Has anyone else experienced this or have feedback for resolution?
August 24, 2018
This is a great, simple-to-use product that my organization uses for approving fund requests. The best thing about WF+ is their support: They have FAQs and guides that will help you set everything up. Their support team has responded to my questions within a day.
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A User of Form Workflow Plus Add-on
July 24, 2018
We have been using Form Workflow Plus for about a year now and it has been a great tool. We were looking for a something that would route google form requests to specific people for approval, based on a field in the form response, and this was by far the most user friendly add-on that had exactly what we needed. While we have had a couple minor issues over the year (mostly user error), customer support is amazing. They are friendly, very fast to respond, and completely resolve any issues. If you are looking for a workflow approval process for your online forms, but don't want to go the expensive software route, I highly recommend this add-on.
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A User of Form Workflow Plus Add-on
April 5, 2018
I use this program daily to digitize school approvals. No need for unnecessary paperwork. The program helps me create maintenance requests, purchase requests, permission requests as well as employee on-boarding. This is a perfect tool for my school.
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Katherine Jones
August 30, 2017
AT first I was really excited to have found a Free Add-on that would allow me to do exactly what I needed to do. Then, after spending an hour setting up my workflow and tweaking it to be perfect, I read the FAQs and found out that after 15 days of using this "FREE" add-on, I would be required to pay a minimum of $200/year to continue using it. So I am deleting this Add-on and I will try to either write a script to do what I need or to find an Add-on that works without extorting money from it's users. I really can't express how disappointed I am that I wasted so much time on this. It is really not cool to label an Add-on as "free" when it is not free. It should be labeled "Free Trial" instead. I know the people at need to make a living like everyone else but I think that labeling the Add-on as Free when it is not is deceptive and is a bad business practice.
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A user of Form Workflow Plus Add-on
September 10, 2018
Thanks for your review, I was excited to find this "FREE" add-on...not so excited anymore...
A user of Form Workflow Plus Add-on
April 13, 2018
So, the free version with just one approval process is gone? We have paid for this product because we need a two-step approval process. We love the workflow. However, I was just helping someone else get started with a workflow and I did not notice that what she was adding - the current version- is only a two week trial. I have read the other posts -- and understand this is a "Google Thing" - but it needs to be escalated. Disappointed that at least the one step is not still free. Is this why when agreeing to the add-on one must now go to the Advanced option? When I wrote the developers directly -- they said this issue was temporary and again, a Google issue. However, when someone is asking our paid version for the first time -- they are still having to go through the Advanced option on the permissions screen and this is rather scary for many.
Mr A Stewart
April 5, 2018
We must all check the website before committing. Thank you for raising this.
A user of Form Workflow Plus Add-on
March 30, 2018
Did you ever find your alternative?
Annette Gasser
October 30, 2017
The description of Form Workflow Plus as well as pricing can be found in the overview section of our Add-on Market Place listing and our web page: Google does not have a listing FREE TRIAL on the Google Apps Market Place. Google will publish it as FREE. This wording is out of our control
Jennifer Redmond
June 7, 2017
This is exactly what we were looking for!! Very easy to use and intuitive. Thank you, Jennifer
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