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Form Workflow Plus Add-on
Collect information and approvals from team members: the easy and efficient way with Form Workflow
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Workflow Application with dashboard to follow your workflow requests. Each workflow owner, reviewer or requester has access to his personalized dashboard with his ongoing requests and approvals.  
Owner activates Form Workflow Plus on a Google spreadsheet linked to a Google form (link). Quickly set up a validation workflow on each form submission & follow the status of each request on the dashboard. 

Owners can specify as many reviewers & approval steps as needed. Each approval step can include specific conditions.

Reviewers, requestors or workflow owners can follow & engage on each request through the dedicated dashboard. 
Reviewers receive an email and can act directly from their Gmail. They have also access to their personal dashboard to check all pending approvals and proceed to approvals.
They have four options: approve, decline, on hold, or send back to requester.

Workflow owner can check on the status of all the requests in their dashboard and send auto reminders to reviewers. A simple audit trail is offered in order to track all the events.

  1 - Open a Google spreadsheet and run the Form Workflow Plus add-on.
  2 - Create your Google Form and choose your requestors.
  3 - Configure Form Workflow and specify your reviewer(s).
  4 - Add conditional reviewers, if necessary.
  5 - Add more levels of approvals, if needed.
  6 - Requestors’ answers will be collected in the spreadsheet.
  7 - Reviewers will receive an email to approve the requests.
  8 - Reviewers have access to a personal dashboard to check all pending approvals.
  9 - Requesters are notified of the status of their requests.
  10 - All the information exchanged is logged in the spreadsheet, where you have quick access to them

Enjoy our 2 weeks Free Trial to test Form Workflow Plus.
Starter pricing is $300 per year for unlimited requester and reviewers and 1000 validations.

Contact for pricing
We told you: This is workflow done easy!
A Google User
October 31, 2017
Overhauled a substantial amount of team resources to work with this add-on. Was surprised when my workflow was cut off and extremely disappointed that there was no scalable monthly pricing option. The app was decent..but given that you cannot delete requests, change requests, override requests, or allow negative waterfall requests, the current pricing model is far from market value.
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November 1, 2017
Hello, I understand that you were testing the app and got suspended at the end of the 2 weeks free trial, as mentioned in the overview section of this listing. We would be happy to extend the trial and assist you during your trials. Our customers use "decline" and "send back to requestor" feature when there is i a need to delete or change a request. I am available for a demo / support hangout session to address your concerns. You can book your time here , or email
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