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Build interactive diagrams with intuitive UI. You can export result to PNG, JPG or SVG.
Create multiple use cases diagrams using our diagram software today. Use case diagrams are a useful way to map out all the different scenarios a business can face and have proper procedures for every type of scenario for employees to follow. Use case diagrams are a great way to train new employees on how to handle situations in your business, and valuable experience is never lost even if a employee decides to resign.

Benefits of Use Case Diagrams

- Useful way of knowledge transfer and having written procedures
- Great way to onboard new employees
- Simplified Method of visualising procedures/process maps
- Great way to crystallize/have written procedures on how to proceed for certain business situations

How to begin making a Use Case Diagram

- Choose the Project you need to make a use case for
- Write down the steps which need to be taken for this project
- Check with project manager/workers to see if any steps are missing
- Use this "use case diagram" once in a dry run and see if any steps are missing
- If no steps are missing, file this diagram into employee handbook so new employees can use it as a reference

Begin making your own use case diagrams today and help document key processes for your business. Try using our diagram making software for free now!
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A User of Free Use Case Diagram Creator
March 15, 2020
Would be awesome if I knew where to go to actually open this plug-in, but no dice.
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A user of Free Use Case Diagram Creator
May 5, 2020
Same issue here
A user of Free Use Case Diagram Creator
May 3, 2020
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