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FreshBooks is the fastest way to invoice your clients, organize expenses and track time on the go. Join over 5 million small business owners already using FreshBooks to make billing painless.
187,093 users
FreshBooks Cloud Accounting - invoice clients, manage expense receipts and collaborate with your team.

Join 5 million people already using FreshBooks to painlessly send invoices and manage expenses. Try it out for free today. With seamless Google integration, your contacts will be synced so you can invoice instantly.

Featured in: The New York Times, Huffington Post, CNET, Fox, Accounting Today, TechCrunch, Mashable, MacWorld, TUAW and ZDNet.

- Send invoices and get paid faster with online payments
- Upload photos of your expense receipts and categorize your spending
- Track progress on projects, upload and share files and get speedy feedback from your team
- Invoice on-the-go with a free iPhone app
- See your numbers at a glance with a dashboard that shows outstanding revenue, categorized expenses and profitability

- Log into your FreshBooks account directly from your Google Dashboard 
- Google contacts are automatically synced so you can invoice instantly
- View your email correspondence with clients right inside of FreshBooks so you have all the details you need to invoice even faster

- Straightforward and intuitive design built for small business owners and freelancers, so there’s no need to learn accounting
- Supported by extraordinary, award-winning customer service. Smart, friendly help from people in your corner available by phone (1-866-417-2795) or email ( whenever you have questions. A real, live person will answer in just a few rings.
- Your data is always safe and accessible no matter what device you’re using

- Track your money coming in and keep close tabs on money going out with profit & loss and expense reports
- Simplifies bookkeeping for your accountant so you’ll be ready for tax time and bank discussions
- Accept online payments via credit card and get paid faster
David M. Glasgow
June 28, 2016
After using Freshbooks for a couple of years, I left last year in search of a less expensive alternative. I tried 17hats and Quickbooks during this time (known henceforth in my memoirs as "the dark period of my entrepreneurial financial management"), but almost immediately regretted leaving Freshbooks. 17hats, a newbie in the field, is still too buggy and photographer-specific for my needs as a musician who bills students monthly. And Quickbooks? They've obviously spent a lot of money on glitzy web animations, but I frankly couldn't figure out how to do anything beyond the basics, and their customer support seems to consist of nothing but "sorry, that's not how we do things" form responses. So, with months still remaining on the other plans, I'm back to Freshbooks. An expensive lesson, perhaps, but learned well. Freshbooks makes it easy for me to track ongoing clients, issue credits for cancelled sessions, divide long-running projects into multiple payments, and more—and if something doesn't work the way I expect it to, the team of Freshbooks "Support Rock Stars" makes sure I'm back up and running within hours, not days. Now that I'm back to Freshbooks, multiple clients have asked what software I use to make it so easy for them to log into their own accounts and see what's due, submit payments online, and ask questions about invoices. I'm a proud Freshbooks evangelist, and recommend them to all of my small-business colleagues.
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Vance McCoy
December 21, 2015
For what it costs, quickbooks does a lot more. I like that I can import expenses but I am trying to add vendors but it doesn't do this so how do I show people that I pay with checks? The expense categories do no auto update once assigned to a given expense so you are stuck adding each one manually. I am paying $19.95 and I can only have 25 clients. In Quickbooks I can have unlimited for $1 less roughly.
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Wesley Sparks
September 5, 2014
Been using this for over a year now and love the simplicity of FB. It may not work for everyone, but you can modify it to fit many needs.
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A User of FreshBooks
January 14, 2013
Freshbooks was a great app back in the day, when it was the only online invoicing system for freelancers. Since then, they've really dropped the ball. What used to be billed as an invoicing system (its true value), is no longer its focus. In fact, they now bill it as, "Cloud Accounting," a crowded space in which others do a much better job, for a lot less money. They keep plugging their "endorsements" on their home page, but most of those are pretty dated at this point. They've gotten to the point where the freelancer is pretty much ignored, lacking such "basics" as simple retainer billing, and a mobile responsive site, which are still conspicuous by their absence after several years. Granted, they've got an awesome support department, but have allowed support to deteriorate over the years to the point where you just get a prompt response that says, "Sorry, but our architecture still doesn't support that, but here's a work-around." They've been around long enough, and are expensive enough to make that response insufficient. What's most disconcerting for Windows/Android users is that you're screwed... It used to be the only way to log time was to use a third-party desktop widget that's not compatible with Windows 8, or a funky, third-party Android app that usually didn't work. They did release an iPhone app for the teenagers who outgrew their iPods, but nothing on the horizon for business owners. This app really seems to have been orphaned.
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Felix Gilbert
November 14, 2012
Simply put Freshbooks dynamically changed the way I do business! And now it works with Google APPS!! (I hear the angels in heaven singing!)
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Brian Torpie
September 30, 2012
I could not run my business without Freshbooks. It makes everything super easy. Plus the FREE mobile app helps me track time, input clients and send invoices on the go.
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Mike Prell
September 1, 2012
I have been using Freshbooks for over a year now. As they improve and features are added I still have my pet peeves. First major issue for me as a web developer is that I can give clients access to time recorded by date but to view anything other than time logged the client can see no notes I record. I need to give client access to view my notes on the work performed. This greatly reduces my time sending invoices that are on reoccurring billing anyway. (I.e. I have a flat fee for some clients. Regardless, If I recorded time at 4 hours or 10 hours a month I need to be able to share dialog so that the client can read what I have been working on.) On a positive note....I have had flawless issues with Freshbooks. If I get logged during recording the timer still re-opens with the last recorded time if not logged. Reoccurring billing has greatly reduced my management time overhead. Easily pre-date billing, re-bill year after year for domains and hosting, and manage client by client. I still think for any small business 50 clients would be a better rate for $19.95. But I cant complain. It has saved my **s more than once. Billing is no longer a hassle. Even compared to 5 other Apps and time management accounts nothing compares to Freshbooks so far. Professional, quick and easy functional web solutions. Now just fix my single dang issue already! Disregard grammar and spelling, it's Saturday and I'm rolling through my reviews for the World Wide Web!
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A User of FreshBooks
November 6, 2010
Freshbooks was easy to setup and fit way we track time and invoice customers.
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Eric Pecoraro
October 26, 2010
I run a Web application/software business, so I can really appreciate great work of the FreshBooks development team. What I really appreciate are the interfaces. The user (me) interface is outstanding. What's even better is the way that FreshBooks interfaces with payment gateways (PayPal, etc.). That means that our clients can pay online (or offline) seamlessly...and the money goes directly to our bank (in the case of online). What's even "more" better is the API for developers. We can integrate FreshBooks with our online software solutions. That means no more having to deal with writing custom carts and payment applications. We can focus on our core applications and "plug in" FreshBooks to take care of the "nasty" business of financial transactions! Programmatic abstraction is a beautiful thing. Financial programmatic abstraction is even more beautifuler! :)
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Dean Swanepoel
August 11, 2010
I have been using FreshBooks for over a year now and can honestly say that this is THE app to have if you run a business. Flawless, easy to use invoicing and great support!
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