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FreshBooks is the fastest way to invoice your clients, organize expenses, and track time on-the-go. Join over 24 million small business owners already using FreshBooks to make billing painless.
While you rely on GSuite to run your business and work with your clients, you can count on the FreshBooks integration to keep all your client and business data up-to-date and organized no matter which platform you’re working from.

Create and Manage FreshBooks Clients from Gmail

With the FreshBooks add-on, you’ll be able to easily create and manage clients right from Gmail. Know where you stand with your clients with quick access to billing status like how much is overdue, outstanding, and what you’re planning to invoice for in the future for every client. 

Easily Invoice from Wherever You Work

Now, you don’t have to toggle between Gmail and FreshBooks. You can create, draft, and send invoices directly from Gmail, so it’s easier than ever to work the way you want.
Cut Your Work in Half with Automatic Syncing

When you use the FreshBooks add-on, all the changes to clients and invoices you make through Gmail will be reflected in your FreshBooks account automatically. 
Getting Started

If you already use FreshBooks, simply sign in to Gmail, add the FreshBooks add-on and connect with your FreshBooks account when prompted. 
Like the sound of FreshBooks invoicing and accounting, but don’t have an account yet? Start a 30-day free trial by visiting:
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A User of FreshBooks Invoicing Add-on
June 2, 2020
its great for small businesses just starting out
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A User of FreshBooks Invoicing Add-on
May 21, 2020
oh very good place to launch your goods and items on sales.
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A User of FreshBooks Invoicing Add-on
April 19, 2020
It's very helpful and very good
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Teresa Parmele
May 15, 2020
I had a similar issue with double authentication login as described in earlier reply. There is a place in your GSuite Admin where you can make this happen. I don't recall the "how to" but if you get on phone with Google support, they can walk you through it.
A user of FreshBooks Invoicing Add-on
May 11, 2020
Looks great, but unfortunately, nobody with Google's "Advanced Protection" turned on for account security can use this plugin for GMail. Freshbooks, if you're listening, I'd recommend getting your programmers to figure out how people with Advanced Protection turned on can authenticate this plugin! A large number of IT Admins are now requiring corporate users to turn on AP for physical Yubi key 2-factor auth rather than using mobile phone text auth (phone numbers can and often are highjacked, especially for those who deal with bitcoin regularly).
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