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FullContact for Google Sheets
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Sync and edit your FullContact address book contacts using a spreadsheet.

FullContact allows you to add context to your relationships with its smart, cloud-based address book. You can access your address book from anywhere, on any device, all while syncing your contacts with the services you already use such as Google, iCloud, and Office 365.

FullContact for Google Sheets gives you the ability to export your contacts directly into a Google Sheet. You can then edit your contacts in the Google Sheet, and the edits will be synced back to your FullContact Address Book.

It simplifies bulk management of contact information.


- A FullContact App account
- A Google account

Get Started

How to get started:

- Install the add-on
- Grant your permission to run the add-on
- Allow the FullContact OAuth permission
- From the "add-ons" menu in Google Sheets, you can import your contacts into a blank sheet.
      - Hint: If you leave the sidebar menu open when using the add-on, when clicking into a cell you will see help text     explaining the field and the data types that it supports.


If you have any questions, we would love to help:

Known Issues

- In Safari, when logging in, you have to manually close the window - (Google Apps Scripts/Safari Issue)
Large address books load slowly.

- Syncing all contacts in large address books is slow and may timeout. WORKAROUND: Use the selection tool by placing an X in the first column on the contacts you want to push.

- If you Find & Replace, you could inadvertently change hidden columns that are important to updating the contact. So please make sure you limit your find and replace to visible columns and rows.
A User of FullContact for Google Sheets
March 3, 2019
This whole app seems to be broken, terribly disappointed.
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A User of FullContact for Google Sheets
February 12, 2019
Appears to be broken. Fails to authorize Google sheets to use Full Contact data.
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A User of FullContact for Google Sheets
November 11, 2018
Great tool for updating Full Contact in spreadsheet format and then syncing back to Full Contact.... I'm Loving it!
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A User of FullContact for Google Sheets
February 14, 2018
le format dans le tableau n'est surement pas facile à importer ailleurs mais il est tres clair
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