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Create custom applications, Collaborate with your team and Automate your business
Fusionmint is a complete business solution for Google Gsuite users who want to collaborate  with their team and manage their Projects or Sales and Marketing or just about any business activity with customized apps. Pricing starts from $8/user/month.
Create let’s you design your custom apps based on your unique business needs with a wide range of custom fields to convert any offline business activity to an online app and take advantage of the platform to grow your business. With features like App Builder to create apps, Form Designer to design your app field layout and group them into sections help you design better apps. Role based access control and granular access controls to manage data and field access and visibility by roles, let you easily control access to your confidential data. This is essential if you are collaborating with external partners and contractors and you want them to have limited access to your data. You can learn more about ‘Create’ here https://fusionmint.com/product/create

Collaborate has tools like Task Management and Calendar to improve teamwork and collaboration to help you work better in a team. Task, Sub-Tasks and task multi-assignment are powerful features to break up a complex project, to make project management easier. This comes with Task dashboard, progress charts, filters, and task views, that makes it easy to keep track of a large project and identify critical tasks that need immediate attention. With Calendar, you can manage your schedule and appointments to manage your work. You can learn more about ‘Collaborate’ here https://fusionmint.com/product/collaborate

Automate is our “Workflow Automation” feature that powers your custom apps. It’s an easy and a very powerful way to do things you would otherwise do manually.

Here are some of the things you can do with Automate:
- Print PDF invoices for your customers and automatically email them at end of the month
- Save files, PDF and other content automatically to Google Drive
- Backup your app data in Excel Spreadsheet and save it in Google Drive or send to your team by email attachment
- Create tasks automatically whenever a new item is created
- Create new items automatically for an app based on another app trigger

You can learn more about ‘Automate’ here https://fusionmint.com/product/automate
With our GSUITE integration here is what you can do:
GMAIL: Use GMAIL to send automated follow-ups, reminders to your cold leads and contacts, send weekly/monthly/daily project status reports to your team with customized Gmail templates and a lot more.
DRIVE: Share and manage all your files in Drive and link them to your apps to collaborate with your team. Use folder templates to create folder structure automatically for projects or any other app, to manage files and help you stay organised in a better way.
SHEETS: Automatically import your external data from Sheets to your projects and custom apps and Fusionmint as a single source of truth for all your business data.
FORMS: Use Google Forms to capture leads for your Sales and Marketing Event, import form responses into Fusionmint and send Email Campaigns to convert your leads to customers and grow your business.
See more details here https://www.fusionmint.com/solution/google-gsuite
Pricing starts from $8/user/month
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