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Generate high quality image of Barcode, QR Code and print them online
This add on  makes barcode, qrcode creation really easy and enjoyable, you create, resize and insert all type of barcode, qrcode with a single click.
The app generates linear, 2D, GS1 and postal barcodes. QR Code Generator is a best and complete QR & Bar code generator with maximum features. Your can scan any QR code or Bar-code in second and read, save or share with anyone. You can convert your personal email, sms or wifi into QR or Bar-Code and make your privacy strong.
+ Customize barcode attributes such as format, barcode value, color, label, label font,...
+ Customize QR Code attributes such as content, fill color, background color, label, label position, label font, image, ...
+ Create for vCard business card, event, meeting so your coworkers, friends, partners can scan QR Code via mobile device. Mobile device will show all vCard information in the contact application and they can save contact very easily.
  They do not have to do a tedious task by entering all vCard information manually.
+ Your friend, partner can scan QR which contains your telephone number so they can call or send SMS directly
+ Generate QR Code for accessing WIFI network. Therefore, user can scan QR Code to access WIFI network automatically
+ Share your docs, sheet, drive file online via QR Code (you click on share button of your document, sheet or drive file and click "Get shareable link" to get link and copy it into QR content). In general, you can share any files if they have public links.
+ If your QR Code contains a website URL, you can track how many users click using Bitly or Google Analytics (please view for how to track)
+ Print high quality QR and barcode online via Docs
+ Insert logo, image into branded QR Code
+ Save Barcode, QR Code to file and you can paste to Excel, Word, or powerpoint (right click on QR Code image and choose 'Save Image As' menu)
+ Support two lines, multiple lines barcode, qrcode. For example, you want to print two lines barcode with barcode text, insert \n between two lines, for instance example\n123
+ Support multiple languages
+ You can share google classroom folder with student, their parents or guardians via QR so they can access class resources without entering username and password
+ Support the following barcode type:
      CODE128 auto
      CODE128 A
      CODE128 B
      CODE128 C
The quality of the generated barcode images is automatically optimized to ensure best possible readability with scanner apps or industrial barcode readers. Templates for EAN and UPC barcodes complete the feature set.
For special purpose applications advanced bar-code parameters like module width, symbol size, colors, image resolution, code page and the error correction level for QR-codes are adjustable. So-called escape sequences enable the user to encode Application Identifiers (AIs) for GS1 barcodes.
Please refresh the Doc file if you only see help menu after installing add on
And Much More features...!!!
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A User of G Barcode QR Code Generator for Docs
December 24, 2019
This add-on was so simple! As soon as the add-on was launched I could type in the text I wanted to view when the QR code was scanned and the QR code was generated! It was copied to my clipboard and I was able to add to my Google Doc. Very pleased!
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A User of G Barcode QR Code Generator for Docs
October 9, 2019
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