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G-Accon for AWS
Connect AWS Management Console to Google Sheets. Export AWS Reports, Metadata and Automate your Tasks.
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Analyzing AWS accounts and identifying sources of expense increases can be a difficult and time consuming task with the AWS console. G-Accon for AWS eliminates the need to jump from one AWS console account to another, and the reliance on CLI. By exporting AWS artifacts into Google sheets, G-Accon for AWS helps you save time and do your AWS account evaluation cheaply and efficiently. For example, you can identify expired certificates or find instances in all regions and zones.
 -Sign in to AWS directly from Google Sheets
 -Pull metadata - Instances, Snapshots, Placement Groups, Load Balancers, AMIs, 
  Security Groups, Key Pairs, Auto Scaling Groups, Volumes, Elastic IPs, 
  Network Interfaces, Server Certificates
 -Automate your tasks:
    -Schedule Auto-Refreshes of Data
    -Send notifications and reports to yourself or other people
    -Create Alerts based on a threshold

Support: Contact us at for all questions, issues, or if you would like to request new features.

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