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G-Accon for XERO
Instantly Connect Google Sheets to Xero and Automate Your Reports
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Award-winning Xero Add-On that seamlessly integrates Google Sheets with Xero in both directions. Connect Google Sheets to multiple Xero companies. Auto-export Xero reports & data or make changes and auto-upload data to Xero directly from Google Sheets. Multi-Currency Reporting. Custom templates. Automatically refresh and email updated Xero reports by using a flexible schedule. Share live spreadsheets and collaborate with your team & clients in Google Drive. Connect to Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI to build BI dashboards with a live Xero data feed.

Great tool for accountants, advisors, bookkeepers, and business owners to customize and automate reporting, consolidate data, import data in bulk, build charts, manipulate data using the power and convenience of Google Sheets. 
Emerging App Partner of the Year in Xero Awards 2018.

Product Features:

 * Connect Google Sheets to unlimited Xero companies/organisations. Connect your 
  companies once and refresh with one click or schedule an auto-refresh.

 * Create/update data queries/reporting templates

 * Multi-Currency converter in all reports

 * Get real-time Xero Reports in Google Sheets:
Profit and Loss, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Detailed Account Transactions, 
Purchase Order Summary Report, Purchase Orders Report, etc.
 * Xero Accounting data: get and refresh custom data queries in Google Sheets:
Invoices, Journals, Expense Claims, Contacts, Bank Transactions, Accounts, etc. 

 * Xero Projects: get and refresh data from Projects, Users, Tasks, Time tables

 * Xero Assets: get and refresh data from Assets, Asset Types, Settings tables
 * Xero Payroll (UK, AU, NZ): get and refresh data from Employees, Pay stubs, Pay Schedules, etc. 
 * Auto-Import data into Xero: UPDATE, CREATE, DELETE data directly from Google Sheets and post to Xero in bulk - Invoices, Bank Transactions, Contacts, Credit Notes, Items, Contact Groups, Manual Journals, Linked Transactions, Payments, Purchase Orders, etc.

 * Automatically refresh reports and data queries by using a flexible schedule (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly)

 * Auto-export and email updated reports in Google Sheets, Excel, PDF, and CSV format

 * Schedule a backup of historical data snapshots in Google Drive

 * Monitor your data by creating alerts and receive notifications when certain criteria is met
 * Support
Contact us at for all questions, 
technical issues, feedback or if you would like to request new features. 

* Documentation 

 * Product Requirements
You must have an active Xero account and Google business or personal account
A User of G-Accon for XERO
October 11, 2019
I just love using this tool. So much time is saved! Excellent new reports! The new automation feature where I can just schedule my uploads and do it for multiple spreadsheets and for a different Xero organizations is absolutely brilliant. The support team is always there to answer all my questions. Thank you Accon!
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A User of G-Accon for XERO
October 7, 2019
I am using multiple accounts in google and xero but it does not support g-accon.. gives the following message when I am trying login to xero "This action is not supported while logged into multiple accounts in the same domain or multiple consumer accounts. Please log out and try again."
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G-Accon Integrations
October 7, 2019
G-Accon supports logging into multiple Xero accounts using one primary google account. There are two ways to resolve the issue: 1. If you own Google domain you need to install G-Accon for Xero add-on through domain console as a trusted add-on. 2. You need to be primarily logged in the account where you installed G-Accon for Xero add-on. The message you are getting is coming from Google security as you did not accept all application scopes during add-on installation. Please contact us to schedule a zoom call if you need more help or information.
A User of G-Accon for XERO
September 1, 2019
Thank you for keep adding new reports! I love this tool - it excellent add-on. I use the auto refresh feature which save me ton of my time. Very easy to use UI, a lot of wonderful features such as email notifications, alerts, scheduler, and data refreshes. Love it! Support is also great!
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A User of G-Accon for XERO
August 19, 2019
We have been using this add on since the early days. It is well written and easy to use. It really helps us pull together our financial reporting much more quickly than without it. The app has continued to develop and get better over time with added functionality being added. Love it!
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Brent Jackson
June 18, 2019
Hi this is a fantastic addon - would be good to be able to query the outstanding Quotes if possible?
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Damion Viney
March 28, 2019
This is a brilliant addition to the toolkit. It is going to revolutionise reporting.
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A User of G-Accon for XERO
February 6, 2019
Works like clockwork. Team is also very helpful and responsive if you have a question.
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A User of G-Accon for XERO
September 7, 2018
So incredibly stoked to find this add-on. Saved me hours and hours!
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Idan Kfir
May 16, 2018
I've been using Xero for 5 years and found out about this yesterday. This software is just amazing, I have sales team and finance teams that might not have access to Xero as I do, but now I can just prepare each one his / her own reports tailor made in under 5 minutes. This is amazing and I'd like to thank the developers for doing this. really great work!
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A User of G-Accon for XERO
March 11, 2018
Excellent piece of software, thank you! Future idea: Would be nice to get a list of Bills that can be reconciled against a PO they were copied from to be sure all line items were paid (or not).
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A user of G-Accon for XERO
March 17, 2018
Hi There, We just added 3 new reports that can be used to reconcile PO and Bills: Customer Running Account Details, Customer Running Account Summary and Sales Invoice Summary. Thanks.
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