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G-Accon for XERO
Instantly Connect Google Sheets to Xero and Automate Your Reports
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G-Accon is a powerful Xero Add On that seamlessly integrates Google Sheets with Xero in two-way sync. Easily pull Xero reports & data into spreadsheets or make changes and upload data to Xero directly from Google Sheets. Automatically generate and email Xero reports by using a flexible scheduler tool when you are offline. Share spreadsheets and collaborate with your team & clients in Google Drive. Connect to as many Xero accounts as you like.

Product Features:
 * Google Sheets-Xero connector (through secure OAuth authentication and Xero API)
 * UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE data directly from Google Sheets and post to Xero

 * Extract and refresh raw data from Xero tables into Google Sheets.
Invoices, Expense Claims, Contacts, Bank Transactions, Accounts, etc. Use Deep links to easily navigate directly to a document or resource within Xero.

 * Pull Xero Reports into Google Sheets (choose from 30+ reports)
Profit and Loss, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Detailed Account Transactions, 1099, etc. Filter and customise your reports based on tracking categories, cash/accrual basis, date range, compare to previous periods options, etc.

 * Custom reports developed by G-Accon: 
Purchase Order Summary Report, Purchase Orders Report, VAT 126, VAT Audit Report with Supplier's VAT Registration Number, New Income Statement with compare to previous periods. 

 * Automatically refresh & email reports by using a flexible schedule

 * Easily switch between multiple organizations.

 * Refresh all organizations in one click

 * Schedule a backup of historical data in Google Drive

* US and AU Payroll Data
 Payroll connector allows you to pull data from Employees, Pay stubs, Pay Schedules, etc.

 * Monitor your data by creating alerts and receive notifications when certain criteria is met

 * Support
Contact us at for all questions, 
technical issues, feedback or if you would like to request new features.  

 * Product Requirements
You must have an active Xero account and Gmail account

September 7, 2018
So incredibly stoked to find this add-on. Saved me hours and hours!
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May 16, 2018
I've been using Xero for 5 years and found out about this yesterday. This software is just amazing, I have sales team and finance teams that might not have access to Xero as I do, but now I can just prepare each one his / her own reports tailor made in under 5 minutes. This is amazing and I'd like to thank the developers for doing this. really great work!
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A Google User
March 11, 2018
Excellent piece of software, thank you! Future idea: Would be nice to get a list of Bills that can be reconciled against a PO they were copied from to be sure all line items were paid (or not).
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March 17, 2018
Hi There, We just added 3 new reports that can be used to reconcile PO and Bills: Customer Running Account Details, Customer Running Account Summary and Sales Invoice Summary. Thanks.
January 23, 2018
A very responsive development team. The app certainly lends greater flexibility to what we can download from Xero.
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November 11, 2017
If you need to pull data from XERO into sheets, this little app has got your back. The responsive of the developers is also amazing. I found an issue and they fixed it within 4 hrs!! And while it currently does most things you would ever need, I only expect it to get better.
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