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GAME EU is an add-on service that must be purchased from Google prior to using this Admin Tool. The Admin Tool allows administrators to manage which users are authorized to send encrypted email.
9.	This Admin Tool is an add-on app for Google Apps Message Encryption (GAME) EU service and will not function without GAME EU. Before downloading this app, you must first contact your Google sales representative to purchase GAME EU. This Admin Tool add-on app plugs into your Google Apps Control Panel and it is used to manage authorized users for an existing installation of GAME EU. This add-on app Admin Tool allows you to quickly and precisely specify which of your employees will have access to the GAME EU email encryption service. 

For those not familiar with GAME, it is an email encryption service available from Google which is powered by ZixCorp. GAME EU is the international version of GAME where the email encryption service is hosted in the EU.  GAME EU provides on-demand message encryption for your organization to securely communicate with business partners and customers according to preset security policies. GAME EU uses encryption to protect your outbound email leaving the secure Google environment and traveling over the open internet. GAME EU is the only email encryption solution that is tightly integrated with Google Apps. GAME is surprisingly simple for your recipients and completely transparent for your employees. You must already be using GAME EU before downloading the Admin Tool app available on this Marketplace. For more information on GAME capabilities and features, and to buy GAME EU, contact your Google sales representative or email gameinfo@zixcorp.com.
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