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Gantter is a powerful Community powered Project Management App that allows you to collaborate on project schedules in the cloud.
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Gantter is a seamless Google Integrated Project Management that allows you and your team to create and edit project schedules and gantt charts collaboratively together in real-time (including Microsoft Project .MPP files)

Gantter™ was designed to provide  Google™ users the most natural Google Drive 
Editor like experience on the market today!

Google users enjoy single sign-on, bi-directional task syncing from Gantter schedules to their Google Calendars, storing files on Google Drive™ and Google Team Drive™,  Collaborative real-time editing that feels just like a native Google editor, Integrated Google Comments, and even the ability to start a Google Hangout with team members right from within you Gantter™ schedule, and much more.. 

Gantter™ is at the core the #1 true CPM project scheduling solution in the Google Chrome Web Store  that features all the power of leading desktop project management & scheduling desktop software products like MS Project™ without the big cost, and with all the advantages of the cloud.  It can even read & write MS Project™ (.MPP  files) with full fidelity! 

Key Scheduling Features:

- Open & Save Microsoft Project files (.mpp files)
- MS Project (.mpp files) Viewer
- Open From Google Drive & Team Drive
- Interactive Gantt Chart
- Task Tracking
- Task Linking
- Cost Tracking Labor
- Cost Tracking Materials
- Resource Management 
- Resource  / Workload Tracking
- Resource Usage Auto-Leveling
- Save & Compare Schedule Baselines
- Track Actuals to Estimates 
- Risk Management 
- Risk Tracking
- Auto-generated Work Breakdown Structure
- Custom Columns
- Task & Gantt Color Themes
- Real-Time Collaborative Team Editing

Gantter™  also features the first of its kind community powered “Suggest & Assist” Recommendation engine.  Imagine being able to harness the experience and know how of the entire community of millions of Gantter users to automatically suggest to you tasks, risks, resources or vendors that your project schedule might be missing ? 

Gantter™  is trusted by over 2 million+ users everyday around the world.

Try Gantter™ for FREE for 30 days. 

If you like it (and we know you will) you can purchase Gantter™ for a low price of $ 5 dollars per user / per month.  Pay Annually and get (2 FREE months)

If after 30 days you choose to NOT purchase it, you can still keep using Gantter FOREVER as a FREE Read-Only viewer of your Gantter files and also Microsoft Project files (.mpp files).

No in App upsells, no feature lock upgrade fees, no gimmicks, just one low monthly fee. 

Gantter for Google Apps™, feature highlights:

- Easy User Administration

Domain administrators can now easily install and distribute Gantter™ to domain users, from a single Admin Console specifying which users have access to Gantter. Simple Single Invoice for all users.

- Single Sign-on

Now, Google Apps Domain users just need to sign on once with their Google Apps Domain login and won't have to sign in again to use Gantter™.

-Domain Scheduling Templates 

Now, your Google Apps Domain users can create Scheduling Templates that they can easily  publish, share and use amongst themselves for increased productivity and organizational standardization.

-Domain based “Suggest & Assist” Recommendations

Gantter’s one of a kind learning recommendation engine can be set to only suggest tasks, risks, or resources that are used on Domain Schedule files, allowing your organization to easily leverage its best practices and know-how.

- Add Gantter Task Resources from Google Apps Domain Directory

Gantter for Google Apps can pre-populate project resources with Google Apps Domain users - making it easier for project schedulers to assign resources to Gantter project tasks.

- Bi-directional syncing with Google Calendar

Resources often times do not have a "global" view of all their tasks. Now, when Google Apps Domain Users are assigned tasks, they can set those tasks to be synced across all projects with their Google Calendars - giving them full visibility to better prioritize their time. Additionally, users may update task progress from their Google Calendars, pushing updates in realtime to Gantter schedules - allowing project stakeholders full transparency on project progress.

30 day trial (no credit card needed)
$ 5 per user / per month
Pay annual upfront and get (2 FREE months)
A User of Gantter
June 14, 2019
What a wonderful and intuitive product! Feels like it was built for my brain!
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A User of Gantter
June 11, 2019
At an agency there are always multiple projects in-progress for multiple clients, and the best way I've managed each client's Job Status Report is through Gantter. It's easier for us to plan the work, delivery dates and task assignments, and it's easier for our client to gauge workload, status, priorities and timelines. Plus my entire Account Management team and I can work on the plans together.
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A User of Gantter
May 19, 2019
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Jill McKaig
April 24, 2019
I have been using Gantter for about 3 months now, it is a great tool for a fraction of the cost of others. I would highly recommend.
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Ciaran Bernard
January 30, 2019
Won't let me sign in. Just goes around in circles on the 'Chose an Account' screen.
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A user of Gantter
June 12, 2019
You might be logged into a different browser login, and that is causing confusion to the on-boarding.
Jennifer Edge
August 29, 2018
Won't let me sign in.
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A user of Gantter
May 12, 2019
Good morning Madam, I want to be your best partner so you can assist me join the programs successful
Lal Abhisek Kumar Sai Deo
January 29, 2018
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Archana Ramesh
January 26, 2018
Great app
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Pothureddy Seetha Ramaiah
January 25, 2018
Very easy app to use.
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Ravi Shankar Rao
January 25, 2018
it does the job and pretty solid!
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