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GarbleCloud gives you a simple, intuitive way to get unmatched privacy & productivity in the cloud. It is a next-generation application that provides ‘Cloud Security & Aggregation as a Service’ for public cloud stores like Google Drive and Dropbox.
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GarbleCloud provides "Functional encryption" as a Service for cloud-based file sharing services like Google Drive & Dropbox.

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GarbleCloud offers ‘Data security & cloud aggregation as a service’. It enables users of Google Drive and Dropbox to protect sensitive documents stored in these platforms, from both external and insider attacks by keeping them encrypted (or obfuscated) at all times – in storage, in motion and while in use. Sensitive data remains inaccessible even to the cloud service provider and the GarbleCloud server, keeping the owner in full control at all times.

All this is achieved without losing any functionality of the cloud services. Our patented privacy-preserving full-text & pattern-based search mechanisms, along with secure data access & sharing technologies, allow customers to reap all benefits of public clouds without worrying about privacy loss.

GarbleCloud users do not have to compromise on any of the cloud productivity features like, sharing, collaboration, multi-device access & sync, search etc. In fact, GarbleCloud provides several value-added features that enhance user productivity and facilitates interoperability between platforms - users can access & search their data (files & documents) across multiple cloud services, move files across clouds and more from a single unified interface. 

As a result, GarbleCloud simultaneously enhances usability, utility and security of public cloud platforms.

Who should use:

- Individuals storing data on multiple public cloud platforms for convenient access & sharing.
- Business owners looking for easy to use, effective privacy/security solutions for business critical data.

Key features:
	•	A single secure dashboard for managing content across various clouds.
	•	Cloud aggregation & inter-operability that allows you to access & manage multiple cloud accounts from a single unified interface.
	•	Plain and encrypted search capability – Search by keyword/s even within encrypted documents
	•	Simple, intuitive privacy controls and policy framework
	•	Move files across cloud drives
	•	Use secure folders to share encrypted files and documents in bulk
	•	Supports complex functionality and 3rd party application integration
	•	Significantly lower cost of secure usage of public storage medium
	•	Managed, scalable 3-tier encryption key management framework

Security Functions Overview:
GarbleCloud adds a functional security layer around the data stored within a cloud application. For instance, by linking a cloud storage account to GarbleCloud, you can encrypt your files before uploading them to your storage service. You can also continue to access all of the existing features of that application, such as accessing it from multiple devices, search, sharing, etc. without decrypting the files and exposing their contents.

Encrypted Data & Key Management Framework:
GarbleCloud offers significantly higher level of security, since it transforms the sensitive data using strong (AES-256) encryption. Even if your cloud store account is compromised, the sensitive files will be protected as they are encrypted and keys are stored securely at a separate location on GarbleCloud.

Data Security, Aggregation & Inter-operability:
GarbleCloud consolidates multiple cloud storage services using into a single, intuitive interface. By doing so, it is able to extend new feature support from one service to other services that do not provide them natively. For example, search over document content is not possible in Dropbox, but GarbleCloud facilitates full-text search across all connected cloud accounts, whether they provide them natively or not.

GarbleCloud currently integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox. Support for more cloud platforms will soon be available to our growing user base.

A Google User
November 15, 2017
Great tool for security and privacy. We started using GarbleCloud to protect internal sensitive files/data and customer data sharing. It also addresses the engagement with EU customers by preparing us for the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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