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THIS CAN ONLY BE INSTALLED FROM A SUPER ADMIN ACCOUNT VIA 'DOMAIN INSTALL' . Latest version of the General Audit Tool for Google Apps. Audit, view and protect your data in all areas. Insight into collaboration and enforced protection right out to the end user tab on Chrome.
10,000,000+ users

The only complete audit and protection tool for G Suite, it covers Drive, Email, Groups, Users, Sites, Calendars, Apps, Extensions, Google+, Printers, Devices, Chrome, Chrome Extensions, Classrooms and Collaboration. 15 Day Full Feature free trial.

It's 360 Auditing (©) gives you more oversight and protection than any other audit or security tool. GAT was the first audit and protection tool in the Google apps marketplace and it remains the premier tool for these needs.

Provides real-time search of Drive and Emails.

Provides silent access to all Docs and Emails (via 'Unlock').

Provides Folder maps for Drive and Email, Drive file tree maps, Drive external sharing maps, External Email flow maps and (with Let's Collaborate extension) collaboration maps.

Provides real-time blocking and reporting of actions like bank, credit card or SSN, etc. disclosure (via GAT Shield). The only tool to report every single minute of every single user activity (via GAT Shield and requires Google Chrome Manager).

With the Shield extension you can see every site your users visit and how long they spend there. You can control chrome login time windows and have idle-time automatic log-out.

Powerful compliance test on Docs and Emails in folders
Third party Apps audited and controlled
Logins and Google+ Audited

Up to 90% of documents still leave or enter in emails. Using GAT+ you can run a simultaneous audit on every email box and every Google Drive. 
Best security practice means we never retrieve email or file contents, so your corporate data will always remain secure

 With 'Unlock' you can revoke sharing rights, change owners on folder trees and download entire folders for off-line inspection.

Managers can now have audit authority delegated to them by Super Admins

You can measure collaboration and understand user behaviour

For Email you will be able to search on details like from, to, time, cc, bcc, subject and most importantly 'attachments'. Complex multi-part searches can be built

In addition you can see extra details like
Who sent what document and to whom and when
Top sender of email to domain
Top source of files out of your domain
Top sender of internal email
Key relationships

To install click 'Add it now'. If you have GAT installed, log out of GAT before you upgrade to GAT+

Reports are Deep, Clear, and Accurate

Scheduled reports run in the background

'General Audit Tool is must-have extension for anyone who manages Google Apps. ' - Jack Wallen, Tech Republic.
October 10, 2018
i dun like it
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September 24, 2018
GAT+ is a super powerful tool and has been a huge life-saver! The support is truly exceptional - Ferdows really went above and beyond. We're really excited to see what else this tool can offer in regards to the implementation of security policies and audits. We will definitely be renewing our subscription without hesitation!
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A Google User
September 14, 2018
The GAT tools are very useful and the training is exceptional! We have had several training sessions with Ferdows and he's so patient and responsive. We plan on utilizing this tool more and more as we clean up our Google drive and for ongoing implementation of our security policies and audits.
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A Google User
September 4, 2018
Please don't watch me.
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September 4, 2018
GAT is a very valuable tool for managing our 11,000 Chromebooks. Support is also top notch, when needed.
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A Google User
May 10, 2018
The GAT Suite is extremely powerful and affordable. Very easy and rapid install and seamless integration with G-Suite. Anyone running a business with employees hosting data and sending emails from Google's G-Suite which then have the opportunity to share sensitive data, intellectual property and etc - should adopt this tool to regain control and transparency over your business. It's incredibly difficult and time consuming to do this type of auditing and reporting in G-Suite without GAT. I'm not sure it's even possible and if it is, it's not presented in a way that's even close to as helpful as GAT's dashboards.
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April 27, 2018
GAT is a great tool for Google Admins and very reasonably priced for schools. It has been a big help to me. Their customer support is easy to contact and very quick to respond.
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April 18, 2018
Great tool for the very minimal price. Any school who has moved past migration and is now in management of their G Suite domain should give this product a try. Looking to consolidate three different services into to one. Again, so far, highly recommended.
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April 13, 2018
I am just getting to the power of what this tool has to offer. I am actually paying an additional provider for basically what I am using GAT for and did not realize all that GAT could do until one of their engineers got in and gave me a demo. They are great to work with in terms of support!
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April 30, 2018
Looks like girlminer 000 got flagged by her school.
I've used GAT+ for over two years, and I can't imagine trying to administer my G Suite for Education domain without it. GAT offers features not found in most other cloud security applications, like the ability to manage Sites (see who owns them, whether they are actively updated, etc.). General Audit Tool (the vendor) is amazingly responsive to feature requests. Great software, great price, even greater service!
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