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General Audit Tool - GAT Core
THIS CAN ONLY BE INSTALLED VIA 'DOMAIN INSTALL' Scan, control and secure all Sites, Docs, Drive, Groups, Calendars and Users giving more security over the data that you own.
5,219,624 users
GAT Core in the marketplace is now just a re-install point for existing customers with core. We recommend all new customers search for GAT+ and install this package instead. It greatly expands your audit possibilities covering email among other things. Simply type GAT+ in the search box above and you will find the best audit and security tool in the marketplace.

The only complete audit and protection tool for G Suite, it covers Drive, Groups, Users, Sites, Calendars, Apps, Extensions, Google+, Printers, Devices, Chrome, Chrome Extensions, Classrooms and Collaboration. 15 Day Full Feature free trial.

Control who has access to your information.
Ensure inadvertent user disclosure does not occur.
GAT was the first and remains the premier audit and protection tool for Google Apps. If you use Google Apps Email, we recommend the GAT+ version of this tool, which is also available in the marketplace. Search for GAT+.

The most powerful and comprehensive Audit Tool for Google Apps (See Vendor Product Homepage for details). 
This easy to use report program can scan all sites, documents, email groups and calendars at your domain and show you exactly who has access to your information. For network administrators it is an essential Audit tool allowing you to show internal and external auditors exactly who has access to what. This tool is a major step forward to ensure that accidental or malicious user disclosure does not occur on your Domain. 
Contact users about lapses in their security. Check revision histories. Generate PDF reports for Auditors. 
Ensure compliance for HIPAA, Sabanes Oxley, FERPA, and PCI DSS. 
This audit tool is a ‘Secure’ audit tool. The sessions are fully HTTPS encrypted. 

Docs users - As Admin try 'Whats Hot' to see what is being shared in your organization. 
Scott Lawson
March 26, 2014
Excellent App, Excellent support! they just keep adding features that we use and rely on everyday. Just the other day, a business executive was asking for a report about Google Sites, how many, who owns them, if they were used, etc. and bam, 10 minutes later, I have it exported to a spreadsheet and shared. The comment: "Wow, It is on top of it!" :-)
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Daniel Kane
November 8, 2011
A must have for Google Apps administrators.
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A User of General Audit Tool - GAT Core
November 8, 2011
This is a very useful application. Really like to be able to see exactly what items are shared with who
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