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Google Sheets add-on to interact with the EVE Online ESI API.
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Works with
Allows ESI data to be used in a Google sheet.  
Includes both unauthed and authed data.  
Support for custom logic/manipulation of the data.
Auto updates when ESI changes.
A User of GESI
June 23, 2019
Dont know if its a problem with me or something but when i press launch it opens a new sheet but there isnt a GESI option under the add-on button anywhere. Help pls
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A user of GESI
June 25, 2019
In Sheets, go to Add-Ons => Get add-ons => Search for GESI, and click the + Free. Not sure why installing it here doesn't install it into your sheet?
Craig Brothers
August 24, 2018
Incredible - feature rich - awesome support... does everything I need it to do and more when spread-sheeting my EVE Online addiction. Congrats on the addon version!
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