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giniPredict: AI-powered forecasting for decision-makers who aren’t data scientists
With giniPredict, you can leverage the power of machine learning to run more accurate forecasts on your data in minutes, not hours. No code needed.
Cool things you can do:

Run forecasts in minutes
E.g. Predict your cash flow for the next 6 months, taking expenses, revenue and seasonality into account. 
You’ll get the predicted values as well as a chart showing the trend and confidence interval.
See the most impactful variable
E.g. See which marketing channel impacts app user acquisition the most.
Machine learning models are better at analysing correlations in the data than you are.
Run scenarios in a few clicks
E.g. Find out what happens to your order fill rate if a supplier cuts production during the pandemic
You’ll get an updated chart to compare against your base forecast, with altered variables automatically highlighted.
* Works with any time series data (36 data points minimum)

* Uses a linear regression model

* ML models learn from historical patterns and take seasonality into account

* ML models are designed to be robust to missing data, shifting trends and extreme outliers

* Currently available with Google Sheets (Excel coming soon)


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