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Glue Word Finder
Highlights sentences which may be difficult to read.
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When writing prose, it is important for language to flow. If a sentence is grammatically difficult to interpret, it forces the reader to slow down and focus. This breaks the reader's immersion in the story and results in a bad user experience.  

Many times, this confusion is due to a high percentage of 'glue words.' Glue words hold a sentence together and provide transitions between one idea and the next. Using too many glue words can make a sentence hard to read. 

Glue words are words like 'that, the, and, is, are." 


When she went outside, she saw the dog that was over by the shed and she went over to see if the dog would like to have some treats. 

This sentence is 66% glue words. It could stand to be rewritten. Example: 

She pocketed a handful of treats, and headed toward the dog waiting beside the shed. 

This sentence is only 40% glue words, and is much easier to read. 

This plug-in will evaluate a block of text and search for words with a high percentage of glue words. These sentences will be highlighted in yellow so that they can be inspected later. 
A User of Glue Word Finder
December 8, 2018
Nice tool, though it needs more functionality. There's no ability to go back a sentence, and it can get stuck looking for the next sentence from time to time and needs to be restarted. I'd like if there was an option to just highlight all glue words rather than just sentence by sentence. You also have to manually turn off the highlighting yourself, rather than having a button.
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A User of Glue Word Finder
May 31, 2017
Great little add-on for helping me spot clunky sentences that bog down the flow of my writing. Simple format. Easy to use. Would definitely recommend.
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