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This add-on does a high-level audit of a Google Analytics account, gives you a score, and also explains the pass or fail. For an in-depth analysis or partnership, book a time on my website.
We can’t automate everything, but there are certainly tasks in many areas that we can and should automate. After performing dozens of audits in the last few years, I came up with the idea to build this automated Google Analytics audit tool.

Many companies start their data analysis and make important business decisions with the lack of a proper setup. You can imagine the hours wasted and negative impact on their businesses.

Perform your first Google Analytics setup check and you will notice checks in the Google Analytics audit report, each with a “PASS” or “FAIL” and a total score. Included are checks for:

-Lowercase Issues
-Query Parameter Fragmentation
-Personally Identifiable Information Being Captured
-Event Tracking
-Campaign / UTM Parameter Issues
-Google Ads Linking
-500 Hits Per Session Limit
-10 Million Hits Per Month Limit
-Staging/Test Traffic in Production
-Bot Identification
-Variety of E-Commerce Reports
-and Much More

The “Scorecard” sheet provides quick feedback on each of the checks and rates your overall Google Analytics setup and data with a score ranging from 0 to 100. 

The "comment" section provides more context on the checks and where/how to improve it your score.
This audit tool gives you the opportunity to run 5 reports for free. If you are an agency or work with multiple accounts, you can get unlimited reports for $5 USD per month. You can cancel at any time.

Once you get your score, you have two options:
1) Use the Google Analytics audit tool as a guide to check and improve your GA setup
2) Hire me for a professional, in-depth Google Analytics clean-up and learn a ton at the same time

I hope this description and tool are a great help in your Analytics journey! How can I further improve this Google Analytics audit tool and report for you? I am happy to hear your comments.

Note: The audit tool only runs reports for GA3 (Universal Analytics). I will add GA4 when it is fully built out.
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Keir Weimer
May 5, 2021
I see what the user below is saying. The logic in your data shows as a "fail" if there is no data for some items. Here are some fails I received because there is no data: Website search feature Casing for website search A/B testing Sessions with Hits Are product list tracking correctly? "Does attribution look right?" and "Social Media Tagging" should be a pass or fail if there is data or not I hope this review gives you better insight to your logic. I think once you change these around, you will have a great tool to purchase. Cheers!
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Adam Ford
May 5, 2021
Pretty broad brush strokes and not enough information , telling me I have query parameter fragments but not listing them is fairly useless. And there is no way the account that I just ran this on is ever getting more than 500 hits in a session, nor is there ANYTHING wrong with my social media tagging. If you think this account is tagged incorrectly, then there is something wrong with the audit. And it's completely ridiculous to suggest my goals aren't working. I've nearly maxed out the allowable goals on this account. The audit contains wild inaccuracies, and not enough detail for anythign to be actionable. Certainly wouldn't be paying anything for this.
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Nathaniel Page
May 5, 2021
Hey Adam, thanks for your reply. I would like to go over the audit with you using the account you used so I can see what is wrong with my logic statements. Use the support link below so we can chat. Thanks!
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Ashley Dinger
May 4, 2021
This has saved me a lot of time. A lot of my clients have fractured data and this will let them know what to clean up. Thanks
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Sankar Chinnakotla
October 12, 2020
A very useful audit report which will also let you know where you site can improve.
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