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A full-featured task manager for G Suite
4,076,842 users
GQueues is the leading task manager built specifically for G Suite. It provides intuitive features so you can manage your work instead of learning a complicated tool. 

With GQueues you get:

➤ 2-way syncing with your Google Calendar 

➤ Attachments with Google Drive integration

➤ Collaboration with co-workers so you can manage lists together 

➤ Tagging and Smart Queues for flexible organization 

➤ Assignments so you can delegate work 

➤ Comments so your team can discuss task details

➤ Drag and drop ordering of tasks 

➤ Recurring tasks 

➤ Subtasks 

➤ Email and SMS reminders for tasks with due dates 

➤ Simple keyboard shortcuts 

➤ A task Inbox so you can create tasks via email, IM or directly from your calendar 

➤ Search

➤ MOBILE APPS: GQueues for iPhone & iPad, and GQueues for Android to manage your tasks on the go 
A User of GQueues
July 16, 2019
As close as you can get to the "Task" feature of GSuite but with "group" or "team" features. Great publish to web features, assignments, tags, adds "task" to a calendar and you can click as complete from within Google calendar, etc., fairly easy interface to understand and set up...better priced than competing products with less features. It is GSuite Centric, presumably by design, so impractical and not friendly/no interface or connection with other cloud based file servers. Impractical, for example, to insert a link in a task that would take you to a file outside of the GSuite environment...hopefully, that will be corrected in the near future for those end users who have to use MS drives, Box, DropBox as required by their clients or customers.
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Steve Worley
June 15, 2019
I waited to write this review so I could use GQueues for a while. I purchased the business version and could not be happier. This is the perfect in between "task list" and project management software. It took a short period to understand the concept of the "inbox" but once I watched a video on GTD (Getting Things Done) it all made sense. When I needed help support was there. Not only would I recommend this product to a friend, you can make friends by recommending this product. I highly recommend!
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A User of GQueues
August 13, 2018
Too early to tell for sure, but so far I LOVE this! It is exactly what I needed to manage my team's tasks through Google.
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A User of GQueues
January 25, 2018
This product has saved my life for years. As a creative, I am always finding myself unorganized, and needing serious help with task management. Gqueues fit the bill as its relatively cheap, integrates into Gmail and Google Calendar and has some great options for team collaboration.
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Bob Gregorish
October 18, 2017
Great! I like the integration with Google Calendar, the flexibility, and availability on PC/Android. I use this now as my task management/GTD tool of choice.
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Darrel Spayth
May 8, 2017
After an exhaustive search and evaluation process, we selected GQueues as our company task manager. We were looking for a product that was simple but powerful, highly integrated into G-Suite, and capable of both getting into the weeds and providing a big picture overview (via Calendar view). Lastly, it had to integrate into the way we work and support the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. Now that we have some experience with it under our belt, we are thrilled that it meets and in many cases exceeds our expectations. This is a great product, and we love working in it and using it to organize our work and personal life. The integration with G-Suites is far superior to any other products we tested.
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Michael Mauws
January 16, 2017
I've been using GQueues for a couple of years now and would not want to give it up under any circumstances. For anyone whose life revolves around a GMail in-box, this is the To Do app you want to adopt. Its integration with GMail and Google's calendar is very slick. So slick, in fact, that there's no longer any excuse for me to have anything in any of my in-boxes for more than a day. FWIW, I have created a set of daily recurring tasks: e.g., review calendar, clean out in-box 1, clean out in-box 2, review To Do list, etc. I run through these at the start of the day and, once I'm done, I'm ready to tackle all the tasks that were created as I cleaned out my In Boxes. And throughout the day, I add tasks using the iPhone app. The result is an ever evolving list of everything I need to get done. Brilliant!
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Aaron Boydston
January 13, 2017
Firstly, this is just about the only todo app with 2-way Google calendar syncing. Most other—even top notch—todo apps only provide a calendar feed for Google to display. Especially considering that Google refreshes these calendar feeds about only once a day, it is useless way to manage tasks. So big props to Gqueues for providing 2-way sync that works really well. After that big accomplishment, the todo app itself is top notch and robust. Mind you, it starts with a particular approach for task management, so it's possible it might not be your cup of tea (this is true for almost all todo apps, so it's not really a negative, comparatively). For example, there are no priorities on tasks and the emphasis is on manually sorting tasks (which it does really well) and having numerous lists (queues) of tasks. This approach is not ideal for me as I rely heavily on the ability to schedule tasks in the future and have my todo app automatically display them in my main "working" list on the schedule dates (which to me is a "start" date; I don't use due dates). Thankfully, Gqueues is also very configurable with its filter-building tool. So you may be able to make it do what you need it to do (<- get it? lol)—like I have. The only queue I really use is a smart queue that displays all tasks with a date of today or earlier. There are some cons compared to the regular queues (like simply adding a task is more intensive), but it works! Some other pros: -lots of keyboard shortcuts -adding tasks from gmail -from regular queues, it is super fast to add tasks -great support; not fast but quality -clean interface -I’ve learned how to spell “queue!”
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Greg Finch
January 10, 2017
Been using GQueues for a few years and love it. The tight integration with GSuite, simple interface, and multiple inputs to create Q's works great for me and my team.
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Shelby Pedersen
January 9, 2017
This is a great tool with tons of customization potential.
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